Leprechaun: Origins (2014)

September 6, 2014 - 7:32pm | FrighT MasteR
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Zach Lipovsky
Stephanie Bennett, Andrew Dunbar, Melissa Roxburgh, Brendan Fletcher, Garry Chalk, Teach Grant, Dylan "Hornswoggle" Postl

I was under the impression that when a studio "reboots" a franchise their aim is to improve on the original, not make it shittier than it ever was. Although I've seen all the Lep movies, I'm not what I would necessarily consider a fan (they're fun to an extent), so when I heard they were looking to reboot the franchise and aim for something scary instead of comedic I wasn't entirely opposed. Then news broke that Warwick Davis was going to be replaced by WWE wrestler "Hornswoggle" (whom I never heard of), which further added to the fact that the studio was going a new and potentially darker direction. Despite the disappointing casting news, I was intrigued and welcomed the project with an open mind. Then I actually saw the movie... *SIGH*

It's as if the filmmakers had never seen a single horror flick in their life before making this, because everything about it, from the characters to the script is every bit as clichéd and predictable as can be. Like the story for instance: We follow two young couples as they vacation in Ireland, where they decide to take a detour from their planned route because of claims from a local Irish dude they meet at a pub. Naturally the group follows the man to a secluded cabin where it's not long before they hear strange noises in the night and eventually come face-to-face with what we can only assume to be the new Leprechaun. Either that or a more mentally challenged version of one of the creatures from The Descent found its way on-set.

What was once a fun movie about a rhyming wise-crackin' greedy little Leprechaun has turned into nothing more than a mundane and stereotypical creature feature; and a really shitty one at that. As you can already guess, the Leprechaun in this movie is NOTHING like its predecessors. It growls instead of talks and there's a clear reason why we only see it in short glimpses--because it looks stupid as hell. From the torso up it looks like a mentally challenged version of one of those humanoid creatures from The Descent and (as if the designers said fuck it!) they gave it some terrible-looking little twig chicken legs, so the thing can't even walk properly. Seriously guys?? And I'm assuming someone behind the scenes had seen Predator for the first time in their life, because they decided to give the Leprechaun some kind of heat vision for sight. *HEAVY SIGH*

Along with the shitty script they tacked on some SyFy channel effects during certain scenes that required a bit of blood or gore. There's a some practical here and there, but nothing worth noting. In the end, I wouldn't have been so hard on this had it been a standalone film, but the fact that the filmmakers had so much established material to work with already and still managed to screw things up just goes to show how poor a movie this is and how little creativity went behind it. They would've been better off just making another sequel, in my opinion.

If the filmmakers aimed to make a terrible movie then, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!! What was once a flawed, but fun franchise has been turned into nothing more than a predictable and monotonous creature feature. As a standalone film it's bad, but as being part of an established series, it's just plain shitty. Avoid at all costs!!

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