Living Death (2009)

December 31, 2009 - 12:04pm | FrighT MasteR
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Yong-Joo Lee
Sang-mi Nam, Seung-yong Ryoo, Bo-yeon Kim, Eun-Kyeong Shim

Also known as Possessed, this is a new and surprisingly good supernatural flick from South Korea. The movie veers from the standard long-haired pale-skinned ghosties and focuses more on an interesting tale of possession and greed. 

We follow a young college student who returns home after her little sister turns up missing. We soon discover that there's more to the story than what we're lead to believe, when people who knew the girl commit suicide for undetermined reasons.

It's later revealed that the sister was possessed by an evil spirit and some of the tenants in the apartment building acquire the assistance of a shaman to be rid of the demon, but in the process retrieve an imprint of the demon's hand, which mysteriously heals them of their illnesses, but at what cost?

I liked the flick -- it kept my interest from the beginning and offered some creepy scenes. The premise is actually fairly original compared to most of what we're given from the genre now-a-days. I also enjoyed the mystery aspect the film offered, as we're shown bits and pieces of the story behind the disappearance of the sister from each key tenant.

As far as the actual possession goes, don't expect a lot of swearing and projectile vomiting, as we're shown an interesting and foreign take on it, but still equally if-not more effective and creepy take than what we're accustomed to. The suicidal deaths in the flick also proved interesting, especially that of a man who dies from vomiting (not a pretty sight).

Surprisingly good movie that should please fans of Asian Horror or those just looking for another take on possession. The flick offers an interesting premise and some fairly creepy scenes. Worth a check.

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