Love Bite (2012)

November 3, 2013 - 5:55pm | FrighT MasteR
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Andy De Emmony
Jessica Szohr, Timothy Spall, Ed Speleers, Luke Pasqualino, Kierston Wareing, Robert Pugh

Werewolf films are pretty rare nowadays and being a fan of the sub-genre I try to see what I can. Regrettably much of what we get is pretty forgettable. Love Bite is really no different, despite trying its hardest to be. Described as part "teen sex comedy," which is actually pretty accurate since it's more of a raunchy comedy that just so happens to have a random werewolf that pops up now and then.

The story revolves around a group of bored pervy hormonal young guys simply trying to get laid. That includes young Jamie, whom spends most of his time working at his Mom's bed and breakfast when he isn't venturing with friends on the occasional pussy hunt. It's during one of these hunts that he finds himself smitten by an incredibly hot American foreigner named Juliana. They hit it off, but her abrupt departure leaves him yearning for more.

Meanwhile, a strange new guest at the B&B warns Jamie that the girl isn't as she seems to be and it's coincidentally around this time that people start to go missing, including one of Jamie's friends. The guest eventually reveals himself to be a self-proclaimed werewolf hunter (despite never actually seeing one) and his sights are set on Juliana. Apparently the beast has a fixation on virgin prey, which means young Jamie and his friends need to finally lose that pesky cherry before they're next on the menu.

Aside from the werewolf factor, the plot isn't the most original of stories, but that's not really the problem here--the problem is the fact that there's a werewolf in it when it should've simply been a gross-out teen comedy, because for the most part that's exactly what it is. So much time is spent on these dudes acting a fool and hitting on girls (but never actually getting anywhere with it) that you often forget it's even a horror film at all. To make matters worse there are several scenes that simply exist to eat up time, like do really need two separate sequences where the guys play DDR??

We're not really shown much of the beast in the early bits of the film, which makes sense when we finally get to see it towards the end, because we're treated to a really horrible CG atrocity. The poor design of the werewolf looked more like a life-sized bobblehead, because the head was so ridiculously disproportionate to the rest of its body. Though it was nice to see an actual werewolf this time and not some big dog like movies/shows have been portraying them lately.

All negative aside, some of the comedy was actually a little funny. I like raunchy comedies, so there were a few jokes here and there that gave me a chuckle, but the werewolf bits just seemed out of place from the rest of the flick. It should've just been one or the other, in my opinion.

Love Bite is a teen sex comedy that forgets it's also a werewolf film, which is its biggest problem. Next to that, the bad CG and disproportionate size of the werewolf didn't make things much better. However, the characters were okay and some of the comedy worked, so it's not an entirely bad film. If the flick had focused on either being a comedy or a horror pic then it would've been a better watch, but as it stands it's just a disjointed mess. Though if you ever wanted to see two werewolves have sex in full hairy beast form then this is the movie for you!

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