Maggie (2015)

May 21, 2015 - 8:10pm | FrighT MasteR
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Henry Hobson
Arnold Schwarzenegger, Abigail Breslin, Joely Richardson

An aged, but still very talented Arnold Schwarzenegger returns to the genre (after End of Days in '99) with this little zombie flick that seemingly came out of nowhere. Putting his guns and tough persona to the side (still kind of a badass though), Arnold plays a concerned father/humble farmer in search of his teenage daughter during a viral outbreak where the infected eventually become zombies. He discovers that his daughter Maggie is held in quarantine after recently getting bit by someone with the virus. With literally only days before she fully turns, Arnold returns to his farmhouse and does his best to make his little girl comfortable; all the while pondering what needs to be done when she finally becomes one of the living dead.

I have to admit that it was a bit strange seeing Arnold in a role like this at first, but he pulled it off quite well. In fact, the majority of the cast did fine acting wise. It's not a bad movie--it's well acted and along with being very competently shot, offers a nice dark and foreboding atmosphere. The only real problem I had with the flick was the fact that it doesn't actually give us much in general. I understand that the point of the story is to witness the father deal with this virus invading his daughter and ultimately questioning what needs to be done, but it would have been nice had there been a bit more to it than simply that. It also moves at a snail's pace, which I'm sure will lead to a lot of viewers nodding off.

This is basically a drama set in a zombie world, but aside from radio broadcasts and a quick trip through a broken down city, you wouldn't really know it was a zombie flick. Sure there were a couple zombie attacks (they're the slow shamblers, by the way), but they were too few (too short) and far between. As for the look of the zombies, they were kept pretty simple with those infected having dark, decayed skin along with some faded white eyes. While the makeup effects were above average, there wasn't much in terms of gore, but it wasn't really called for since not much happens in the story. In the end, despite it not offering much, I still liked the movie to some extent. Like I said, it's not necessarily a bad film, it's just not what was expected and could've used a little more in the story.

Maggie is more of a drama than a horror film, as it's basically about a man's dying daughter and them both having to deal with that fact. The zombie aspect is just a catalyst to move the story, while the zombies themselves were pretty much background noise. If you go in knowing it's more of a slow burn drama than a horror flick then you may dig it to some extent (like myself). However, if you want lots of zombie action and Arnie kickin' some ass then look elsewhere.

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