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Maximum Xul (1991)

  Tags: 90's, Adam West, Arthur Egeli, Billie Shaeffer, demon, evil, Jefferson Leinberger, Mary Shaeffer, maximum xul, POS movie, Sewell Whitney

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Arthur Egeli
82 minutes
Adam West, Jefferson Leinberger, Billie Shaeffer, Mary Shaeffer, Sewell Whitney

I didn't really know exactly what to expect from this since I had never heard of it before and yes, the name you see in the cast IS the Adam West from Batman. Apparently this is a rare out of print horror film that I got my hands on, but after seeing the film I now know why it's out of print. The movie is full of bad acting, plot-holes, and lameness. When I read the plot for the film I thought it would have some cool looking demons and lots of action, but boy was I wrong. Through the whole movie it's pretty much like a slasher flick. Some cops and a reporter do an investigation and eventually get the aid of a professor (Adam West) who seems to know it all.

Anyway, we really don't get any kind of "demon" until towards the end of the film and even then it's not worth it. Poor Adam West; he is better off known as the original Batman. The title of the movie is translated to "Ultimate Evil". I think they based it on the Babylonians or something, but ultimate evil my ass! I found the movie to be very boring. The plot needs a lot of work, the directing wasn't anything special, and there could have been more gore. So is there anything good about this movie? Not really. The only reason I gave the film a 2-rating and not a 1, because it wasn't one of the worst movies I've seen, but it's damn near close to it.

Boring horror film. Nothing good here and there's barely any sign of a demon until towards the end. Still not worth the time. Don't bother with this.

Posted on July 6, 2009 - 5:03am | FrighT MasteR