May (2002)


I heard a lot of positive buzz on this movie early on when it was being shown in festivals and such, so I knew that eventually I'd have to see this. After it was officially released on DVD a lot of people had mixed reviews. Some liked it, some didn't. Those who didn't thought it was too boring or it wasn't really a horror film. Well, I'm one of those who did like it and it was because it had a good original story.

The premise is about a girl who had a disturbing childhood and now lives alone with no real friends or any idea what true love really is. When she finally meets a man who she thinks is "the one" she obsesses over him and befriends him, but eventually is rejected because of her strange ways. She begins to think that she was betrayed by the man and her only friend at the pet clinic, so she decides to construct her own friend who'll never leave her by using body parts from the people she knew.

Let’s not get the wrong idea here. The movie sounds like it can be really violent and bloody, but it isn't; at least not until the last 15 minutes of the film or so. That's when all the horror starts. The rest of the movie is basically about the girl and how she copes with being alone and how she obsesses over the littlest things. In some ways the movie kind of reminds me of the Japanese movie Audition, where most is like a romance film and it's really a horror film until towards the confusing end.

Considering the movie isn't really horror until the end, why did I like it? Well I thought it had a good story and great character development, and it kept my interest right from the start to the very end. When the movie does pick up towards the end, it doesn't shy on the blood and gore, which is a great relief considering I was expecting a little more stuff going on throughout the movie.

The performances by all the main actors were excellent. Anna Faris was lookin' good as the ditzy co-worker/lesbian and it was good to see Jeremy Sisto playing in another cool horror flick, but the best performance has to be Angela Bettis as the believable May; excellent job. I know a lot of people don't like this movie, but I did, and I thought it deserved a 7-rating. This is a good rent for those of you who are looking for more of a good story than just simple blood and guts. I'm looking forward to see more of director Lucky McKee's work.

A good rent if you're lookin' for a horror flick with a good story and interesting performances.
A good rent if you're lookin' for a horror flick with a good story and interesting performances.