Maya (1989)

July 11, 2009 - 3:36am | FrighT MasteR
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Marcello Avallone
William Berger, Mirella D'Angelo, Peter Phelps, Mariella Valentini

I've never heard of this movie nor did any research for it before watching it. I didn't even know what the blasted thing was about until I saw it. It's apparently a small Italian movie that really didn't get much attention, but that's probably because it sucks. I found the movie to be rather boring and I just wanted it to end. It has some interesting effects, but they were pretty cheesy. At least they tried to make the deaths kind of interesting. There's nothing scary or chilling in the movie. The acting wasn't too bad. After watching the movie it made me want to take a shower, because the cast in the movie were always sweating and the setting of the movie just looked too damn hot.

The story of the movie is nothing original. During a celebration of the dead an ancient Mayan curse is "accidentally" let out by a few dumbass guys. There was this little girl with a huge fro and white eyes that would freak out some of the people in the movie. I can only assume she was part of the whole Mayan curse that was going on, because she was never really explained. The ending didn't make too much sense either. I would have given the movie a 1-rating, but I didn't find it THAT bad. It was a bad movie, but it was interesting in parts and had an excessive amount of unnecessary nudity, which is always a plus in a crappy movie.

Nothing original, it's just a boring movie with a lame plot and confusing scenes. This isn't a film that's easy to find, but I dont know anyone who'd want to find it anyway. Not recommended.

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