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Memento Mori (1999)

  Tags: Asian Horror, ghosts, korean, Kyu-Dong Min, memento mori, Min-sun Kim, school, south korea, students, Tae-Yong Kim, whispering corridors, Yeh-jin Park, Young-jin Lee

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Tae-Yong Kim, Kyu-Dong Min
98 minutes
Min-sun Kim, Yeh-jin Park, Young-jin Lee

I didn't really know too much about this movie when I decided to check it out, but I knew that it would be a good flick from the reviews I've read online. It's supposed to be a sequel to Whispering Corridors, but by name only. It's basically a movie on its own. The funny thing is that I saw it under its Memento Mori title. I've never seen Whispering Corridors, but I hope to sometime soon, because I hear that it is also a good movie.

The story for the flick is about a girl who stumbles upon a diary written by a couple troubled young female students and their controversial relationship together. The girl reads the diary and begins to learn more and more about the two female students and eventually even feels for them and their relationship. One day one of the two girls decides to commit suicide during school. After that things become more complicated and the whole school feels the wrath of the dead girl's angry spirit.

This is another one of those movies that's basically all story and little horror. It is a horror flick in the end though, when the girl's spirit causes havoc in the scroll one stormy night. That was rather unexpected and also a very cool scene. The movie is more like a drama through most of it. We see how the two close friends become closer and soon get into a controversial relationship, which causes them to tackle some hard issues. This movie has a great interesting story that will please those who want to be entertained by the acting and scripting, rather than "boo" scares and things being blowing up.

I liked how the movie would show a lot of flashback sequences when the girl who finds the diary reads some of the entries. That's how most of the movie was played out, so the audience can get a feel for the two girls. The movie is rather slow, but with the excellent directing and performances, it doesn't fail to keep your interest. I would have given the movie a higher rating, but although I did like the movie, I was hoping for more supernatural stuff going on. Not a scary movie, but still a good flick in the end, and I really enjoyed the ending.

A good movie with an excellent story. More drama through most of the film until towards the end when its horror aspect is revealed. A good watch if you're not easily bored and you're willing to sit through all the story to get to the horror in the end.

Posted on September 30, 2009 - 7:01pm | FrighT MasteR