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My Bloody Valentine 3D (2009)

  Tags: 3d, Betsy Rue, blood, Edi Gathegi, gore, Jaime King, Jensen Ackles, Kerr Smith, Kevin Tighe, Megan Boone, my bloody valentine, Patrick Lussier, remake, slasher, Tom Atkins

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Patrick Lussier
101 minutes
Jaime King, Jensen Ackles, Betsy Rue, Tom Atkins, Kevin Tighe, Megan Boone, Edi Gathegi, Kerr Smith

This flick started out as a sequel to the original movie with George Mihalka returning to direct. The story was going to take place several years after the events of the first, with the remaining characters having moved on with their lives before having to face the killer again. That project was eventually scrapped and word of a "re-imagining" surfaced in early '08. Many ideas of the sequel were actually incorporated into this version, so it wasn't all thrown out the window. I have to admit, I'm not a big fan of the original film, as it was a pretty average 80's slasher that didn't offering anything memorable; of course it was the theatrical cut, so a majority of the gory deaths were absent in it. I haven't seen the new cut, but I hear it's quite an improvement over the original take.

3D technology is no stranger to horror, as installments from both the Friday the 13th and Amityville movies (to name a few) have taken a stab at it. Of course you wouldn't really be able to tell that much of it was in 3D unless they had a silly character waving some inanimate object in front of the screen. A while back I caught Night of the Living Dead 3D, which was a huge disappointment, mostly because of the low-budget, script, and horrible directing. It was the 3D that kept me watching. That much can be said about My Bloody Valentine 3D, however unlike NOTLD3D, this is actually a good movie. Director Patrick Lussier returns to big screen cinema after several decent straight-to-DVD features, and what a comeback!

Filled with a lot of gory on-screen kills, a simple story, and a badass killer, MBV3D turned out to be a great homage to the 80's slashers that we've grown to love. To top things off, we're given the opportunity to view it in this new RealD technology, so even if the movie didn't turn out to be very good, we're seeing it in freakin' 3D! With this technology they've done-away with the nauseating blue and red glasses and replaced them with durable plastic clear-framed specs. Not only that, but the 3D aspect is much more detailed than ever, almost as detailed as a regular 2D feature.

So the story in this movie is your basic revenge tale -- a man awakens from a coma a year after narrowly escaping a mine collapse, which killed numerous people. Filled with rage, the man goes on to slaughter 22 innocents, and goes after a group of young party-goers in the said-mine. Ten years later, the survivors have moved on with their lives and the murders seemed to have ended with the supposed death of the killer all those years ago. Of course, once Jensen Ackles character returns to the town, the killings start up again and the finger is pointed at him. The rest of the movie is played out with a number of eye-pleasing gore-filled kills and in a standard who-done-it slasher fashion.

This is the type of movie that studios should be making more of when it comes to remakes. Instead of shoveling a bunch of teeny fresh-faced actors down our throats and slapping the horrid PG-13 rating at us hoping to score a wider audience, they should be focusing on a solid R-rating with more gory on-screen deaths, and a ballsy I-don't-give-a-shit villain like the one presented to us here. Delivering a high body-count the movie really doesn't give us much down time, with the exception of a couple scenes establishing character development, it's almost as if we get a new kill every 5 or 10-minutes -- no complaints here!!

Unlike other modern-day killers, The Miner uses the pickaxe as his weapon of choice. Normally using a single weapon to off everyone becomes rather tedious, but they've managed to keep each kill fresh as they're all approached differently. Some victims get it on the top of the head, others in the eye, while others get it up the jaw (nice!). Most of the deaths are on screen, using the most out of the new 3D technology. The Miner also proved to be fairly menacing baddy, not just from the look of him, but also since he has some smarts, like for instance utilizing the light on his helmet to his advantage in certain scenes.

The movie is just one big throwback to the 80's, especially in one sequence that takes place in the supermarket that reminded me a lot of one of my favorite slashers from the decade -- Intruder. All similarities aside, one thing this flick does do differently is the fact that it centers around adults rather than dumb teens or party-eager college losers. These are real people with real problems (aside from being hunted and killed by an axe-wielding psycho, of course). Did I mention badass Tom Atkins is in this? Well he is, and sure-enough, he plays an ex-officer.

Just like 80's horror, we're thrown a silly half-assed twist ending that attempts to sum up the reasoning behind everything that has happened up to that point. Naturally any horror vet could see the twist coming pretty early on, so it came as to no surprise when it was time for the big reveal. Aside from the copout ending, the film was a pretty top-notch slasher that successfully brings back that 80's flare that has seemingly faded away with most modern horror. Keep a look out for more 3D genre features, as this new technology becomes more widespread.

My Bloody Valentine 3D is not only a successful remake, but an overall great slasher and throwback to the 80's. We're given numerous gory on-screen kills by a cool ballsy villain in glorious 3D! How can you go wrong? Aside from the cheap cop-out ending, the movie is a solid genre effort. Give this a check, and if you can, do so in 3D.

Posted on July 11, 2009 - 4:00am | FrighT MasteR