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My Name Is Bruce (2007)

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Bruce Campbell
86 minutes
Bruce Campbell, Janelle Farber, Dan Hicks, Michael Kallio, Dani Kelly, Gary Kout, Ted Raimi, Craig Sanborn

If you've been watching movies the past couple of decades then chances are you're familiar with the name Bruce Campbell or have at least seen him in a flick at one point. Even if you've never seen him as Ash in the Evil Dead series, you've likely seen his face briefly appear in the Spider-Man films thanks to his long-time friend Sam Raimi. I was luckily introduced to Bruce's work via Evil Dead II: Dead By Dawn many years ago and I've pretty much been a fan ever since. I haven't seen every work the guy has done, but I've at least seen his more notable efforts.

Aside from taking the director's chair for some television series, Bruce's first feature-film directorial debut was with the mix-reviewed Man with the Screaming Brain, which I remember premiering on the dreadful Sci-Fi Channel a few years back. I personally haven't seen the movie myself, but I have to admit that I don't really want to see it either. Regardless of what the man has done in the past, there's one thing that's clear and that he can dish out some of the best one-liners in genre history (next to Pinhead), and Bruce doesn't disappoint with this flick. In My Name is Bruce, Mr. Campbell pokes fun at himself, his career, and loads it with a lot of nods to his early work and his fans. This is a movie for fans of Bruce and just fans of the genre in general.

Not to be taken seriously, the flick follows Bruce as his steady downward spiral of a movie career eventually leads him to take a job at a small town called "Gold Lick" where the residents fear a Chinese demon and protector of beancurd... you heard me! Unbeknownst to Bruce, he thinks this is all a joke played on him by his over-confident agent (Ted Raimi). The townspeople (fueled by a local Bruce fanatic) think only Bruce can be rid of the demon, as he's done so many times in his films. It's not until BC actually meets the demon face-to-face that he realizes what he has gotten himself into and immediately runs as fast and as far away from the town as possible.

This is a fun watch from the start to finish. Even if some of the jokes don't exactly work as planned, the things Bruce says or the way he reacts to certain situations is gold. Much like your standard B-movie the acting is below average, and so are the effects, but considering that's the whole point of the flick, it actually makes it all-the-more entertaining. Key characters are hilarious and over-the-top (especially ones played by Ted Raimi) and the story is kept simple and effective. Sequel anyone? Yes, please!

My Name is Bruce is a successful spoof off the semi-fictional life of Bruce Campbell. Full of fun spoofs and homage's to past efforts, this movie was an entertaining ride from the start. Fans of Bruce or the genre in general will have a blast with this. Worth a check!

Posted on April 12, 2011 - 10:07pm | FrighT MasteR