Nang-Nak (1999)

November 20, 2009 - 3:11am | FrighT MasteR
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Nonzee Nimibutr
Intira Jaroenpura, Winai Kraibutr

This is a winner of four awards at the Pan Asia Film Festival including Best Picture. This is also actually based on Thai urban legend, which supposedly happened back in the late 1800s. My mom, being Thai, told me that they taught her the legend back in school. The legend is about a man who goes off to war and leaves his pregnant wife behind. While he was in war she gave birth, but had problems with the pregnancy and ended up losing her life along with the baby. Now supposedly her love for her husband was so great that even SHE wouldn't accept death, so when her husband finally returned home she made him believe that she and the baby were still alive, so seemingly everything was perfect.

After a while the husband notices the villagers acting funny around him and tries to warn the husband that his wife is a ghost. He refuses to believe it and his wife ends up harming the villagers who tried to warn her husband. After a while he starts believing it and towards the end of the movie he is chased down by his wife and held up in a Temple, which is the same as a church. Around that part of the movie we finally get to see the horror aspect of the film. The movie for the most part seemed to be somewhat of a love story, but towards the end we get to see the wife's true power. There were a couple creepy scenes in the end.

What I really liked about the movie was the story. I thought it was very good and it was interesting to see that in the movie they immediately stated the fact that the wife and baby were both ghosts in the beginning of the film, where as in most movies leave that for the "twist" ending. I guess there's no point in that since it's based on a legend anyway. The acting was very well done and the directing was pretty good. They made the film look as though it was filmed in the 80s, when it was really only filmed in '99, so it was weird when I saw some good special effects in the movie. You tend to forget the actual age of the film.

This movie might be rather boring for some, but if you really pay attention to the love story behind it you'll get into it and feel for the characters. Besides, it all pays off in towards the end anyway. After watching the movie it proves that love really is stronger than death.

Good Thai horror film, with an excellent story. Don't bother looking for this unless you're really only seeing it for the story behind it and not the horror aspect, because then you'll end up disappointed.

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