Necropolis (1987)

October 11, 2011 - 5:39pm | FrighT MasteR
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Bruce Hickey
George Anthony-Rayza, LeeAnne Baker, Vicki Bel, Michael Conte, Norris Culf

Well, I feel as though I've lost 77 mins of my life having seen this. What the hell was I thinking renting this crap?? I knew it would suck from the cover and plot, but I rented it anyway, silly me. There's nothing good about this flick at all, the acting is poor, there's barely any violence, and it was more funny than scary -- especially when the lead chick would begin dancing around for no apparent reason after putting on makeup.

A prime example of the poor acting is one scene where a guy in the background is supposed to be dead, and while the lead characters are talking, and as his body is laying behind them you can clearly see the "dead guy" squinting towards the camera. Might as well have just waved to the camera and said "Hi!" to his mom.

Anyway, another questionable scene involves the reincarnated witch bringing forth ghouls from the past and magically grows two extra sets of tits for them to suck on. Why you ask? I have no friggin' clue, because I kept dozing off. And apparently Slimer from Ghostbusters paid a little visit somewhere in the film because they started getting into a whole "ectoplasm" faze.

From what I gathered together from the crappy plot was the witch would suck the life out've her victims leaving ectoplasm goo. Hmmm, doesn't make much sense to me. It looks like the director wrote the script at age  12 and saved up all his allowance since to make this in the alleys of New York. What a waste of time.

Are you into white-haired chicks with 6 breasts? Then check this awful film out! If you're not into that sorta thing then avoid it!

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