Night of the Demons 2 (1994)

July 11, 2009 - 3:57am | FrighT MasteR
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Brian Trenchard-Smith
Cristi Harris, Darin Heames, Bobby Jacoby, Merle Kennedy, Amelia Kinkade, Rod McCary, Johnny Moran, Rick Peters, Jennifer Rhodes, Christine Taylor, Zoe Trilling, Ladd York, Mark Neely, Rachel Longaker

Opening to theaters in the late 80s, the first Night of the Demons was a success after getting rave reviews from fans and critics, and ultimately doubling its budget. The second film was released in '94 to a limited number of theaters and really only making its mark in the genre scene when it hit Video. I remember blind-buying the VHS during a Halloween special at a local store growing up many years back. At the time I hadn't seen any of the Night of the Demons films, so my start in the trilogy began with the second film. The movies don't really connect with each other aside from the fact it still revolves around Hull House and Angela. In this sequel we follow a group Catholic school students as they decide to hold a private Halloween party at the old Hull House. This time they trick Angela's reluctant younger sister "Melissa" or "Mouse" (as she's more known as around the school), to come along with them. The group's forced to end the party prematurely after a failed prank, and head back to the school, where a more tame party is being held. Little do they know that Angela's spirit has tagged along with them...

Unlike the first film, this sequel has decided to go a slightly more comedic route, which adds more to the campiness and fun-factor. In some ways this movie is superior to the original, which took a while for the pacing to pick up. Although the pacing is still somewhat slow for the first half, we're thrown a lot of interesting characters and situations to keep the story fresh. For instance, we're introduced to a student and resident demonologist that dishes out some of his expertise in the situation and also an ass-kickin' nun who finally puts her over-sized ruler to use. We're also taken outside of Hull House and into the school, which proves that a change of environment is something genre films usually need. Although, they do eventually head back to the house in the final battle. To spice things up, Angela's form changes at the climax, showing that she's more than just a tough Goth chick with sharp teeth and a bad attitude.

With the budget the same as the first, they were able to capture the sweet make-up effects that were used in the previous film, though sadly, the gore is toned down a bit. However, we do still get some nice bloody scenes, like an awesome decapitation and one of my favorite scenes involving a couple of large breasts and one guy's grabby hands. The film borrows from great films like Lamberto Bava's Demons and Evil Dead, and blends them together into a fun an unique trip back to the old Hull House.

Fans of the first film will definitely get a kick out of this campy horror trip. Awesome effects, lots of breasts, some decent blood, and some cool demons -- you can't go wrong! Check this out!

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