One Must Fall (2018)



Who would have thought to find a beautiful looking cast in a nasty little horror film about a crime scene clean-up crew trying to escape a serial killer? Yum!

Set in the 1980’s, Sarah (Streble) and her longtime friend Alton (Yackel) are wrongfully fired from their corporate jobs and forced to take a seedy if not vile position with a crime scene clean-up crew. Led by the dashingly handsome Dorian (Wells), Sarah, Alton and several other newbies are quickly immersed into scrubbing bloodied carpets, walls and disposing of brain matter from suicides to deranged homicidal deaths due to a current murderer on the loose in Louisville, KY.

Through some humor and pun-type jokes, the unexperienced rookies are knee deep in revolting goop and unaware of the desensitization it leads to as a common place worker.  While the laughter ensues, this new crew is called to do a massive warehouse sweep of recent body parts and fluids, compliments of the insane killer.

The light-heart jokes come to a jolting halt once the group realizes to their utter terror that the originator of the massacre is lurking nearby and begins to pick them off one-by-one.

Kudos on this exceptional casting. Dorian, the leader, is spot on perfect as eye candy and genuine compassion. Despite the awkward quips that seem to spurt out of his mouth frequently, he has a heart of gold.  Sarah, the pretty victim of sexual harassment, experiences similar encounters when she is face to face with this butcher as he points out her authentic beauty, tying in to her unmitigated dismissal from the beginning.

Alston…wow. He will make you laugh, smile, and cheer as the underdog trying to have his spotlighted time and save the damsel in distress…while still leering at the hunky leader, Dorian. As will the second-in-command Todd, who is so numb to the carnage surrounding him, that he can easily scarf down a meal before clean up.

Sarah: “You’re eating a sandwich?”
Todd: “Yeah, why? You don’t eat meat?”
Sarah: “No, I don’t”
Todd: “Fucking vegans. If we were not meant to eat meat, why are animals made of food?”

And this would not be complete without the ever so talented Daniel de Weldon, who portrays the slick and cunning (but petrified) Daniel. His performance as the tough, know-it-all, chain-smoking ladies’ man, is an incredible transition from his role in the fantastic film, Anonymous 616 (where he captured all with his PTSD paranoia and viciousness in the most cerebral way.)

One Must Fall isn’t a deep journey into the mind of a psycho killer, although…Barry Placente is one heck of an evil monstrosity, teaching his victims that he is merely the god they have been praying to albeit Satan’s presence in the shadows. He kills because damn it…he enjoys it.

I am indebted to Antonio Pantoja for sharing the rough cut screener with me for review, as my first of 2019. This is a pleasant surprise of both quick wit humor mixed with plenty of blood and doom. The performances, the make-up effects, kill scenes and script are all just a blast! Be prepared for a bit of a slow burn in the beginning, and then buckle up…it’s a creepy ride of sheer guilty pleasure!