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The Power (1984)

  Tags: 80's, cheesy, demonic, gem, idol, Possession, the power, underrated

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Stephen Carpenter, Jeffrey Obrow
84 minutes
Susan Stokey, Warren Lincoln, Lisa Erickson, Chad Christian, Ben Gilbert, Chris Morrill, Rod Mays, school, students, J. Dinan Myrtetus

Well this turned out to be a surprisingly decent and underrated 80's horror gem for me. Although the premise didn't really stand out to be anything entirely original, the events and execution of the film proved to be an entertaining watch. The directors Stephen Carpenter and Jeffrey Obrow are no noobs to the genre, working together to deliver the slasher Pranks a couple years prior and going on to do The Kindred in '87. Then Stephen attempted to do a film on his own entitled Soul Survivors in '01, which sucked for the most part and the two haven't really done much since. 
The movie basically revolves around this powerful ancient Aztec idol that has been passed down from generation to generation, granting the person who possesses it with "great power." Naturally unbeknownst to the owner, that power comes with a cost -- normally ending in a grizzly death or the spirit of the idol taking over the owner's body, and turning them into a Gollum-like fiend. After a few deaths in the beginning we begin to follow a few high school kids, who you'd think are the leads for the film, but the real leads are a couple of journalists who come across the story of the idol.
Naturally one of the reporters gets a little too involved and is seduced by the chance of power from the idol, which eventually turns him into a possessive freakish murderer when he gets a hold of it. The practical effects for the movie were actually pretty decent and the kills were all unique in their own way. We've got one scene where a dude is lifted in the air and impaled on a flag pole and another where a guy gets his head crushed by some heavy objects. The movie keeps at a solid pace, switching back and forth from the journalists and kids every now and then as the story progresses. Although the movie is predictable and falls prey to a lot of the clichés of the 80's, the interesting deaths and uncommon foe kept me entertained for the most part.

An unknown and underrated 80's horror gem that offers an interesting premise and decent practical effects. Worth a check for something a little different, if you can find it that is. 

Posted on May 18, 2009 - 3:25pm | FrighT MasteR