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Premutos: Lord of the Living Dead (1997)

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Olaf Ittenbach
110 minutes
Fidelis Atuma, Anke Fabre, Ingid Fischer, Ronald Fuhrmann, Susanne Grüter

I heard a lot of interesting stuff about this German splatter-film. Some people have even said it to be one of the goriest horror films made. I can see how they'd say something like that, but I still have to say that Dead Alive is still the goriest that I've seen. This one did have a lot of good zombie-killin' action towards the end though.

The story is just about this fallen angel called Premutos that is reincarnated through the same man throughout history. Once Premutos is reborn again he causes pain and death with anyone who comes in his path. Premutos also causes those who it encounters to become the living dead. The movie is basically just a sleazy and cheesy, bad-acted and scripted, but a gore-filled splatter film. The only good thing about this film is the fact it has zombies and it had a lot of sweet gore. I was lucky enough to get the uncut, dubbed US-release of the film. It took it long enough to finally hit DVD here in the US, but it's still pretty hard to get a hold of.

The dubbing for this film is hilariously bad. It seems like they just didn't even try to get the voices to match the characters. It made the film all-the-more funny. The movie is very badly scripted and acted, but I still had fun watching it, because I'm a sucker for gore and zombie films and I had some good laughs with the stupidity of the characters and the silly acting.

We don't get to see all the zombie action until towards the end, where they have a friggin' 15-minute sequence of zombie killing. The funny thing is the fact that it seemed like they might have used some of the same zombies on screen to give the effect of more zombies being killed. I would have given the movie a lower-rating, because of all the bad acting and plot-holes, but I had fun watching it, so I figured a 4-rating would fit it well. Without all the gore it had, the movie really would have been nothing.

The movie has really bad acting and scripting, but the cheesiness and gore makes up for it all. Fun movie to watch if you're into those really gory splatter flicks. Be sure to check it dubbed, so you can have a good laugh at the stupid voices.

Posted on June 5, 2010 - 7:13pm | FrighT MasteR