The Prey (1984)

June 13, 2010 - 12:50am | steelba
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Edwin Scott Brown
Debbie Thureson, Steve Bond, Lori Lethin, Robert Wald, Gayle Gannes, Philip Wenckus

Well it seems like there are still a few 80's slashers out there that I haven't seen, case in point The Prey. As redundant as it sounds I had always passed by the VHS box way back when, in favor of anything else. But the movie got mentioned on the message board here and ignited some interest, well that and I just happened to stumble onto the movie last night. So it's time to see if this is a lost gem or another generic cookie cutter B flick.

The Prey doesn't have very much of an intro, it just starts slowly by introducing us to a couple that won't be in the movie for very long. Admittedly, they were on screen more than I'd like, with what seemed like one of the longest and most boring "walks to the lake" ever committed to film. As if that wasn't taxing enough we get the dreaded of-screen murder, which turns into the much worse off-screen double murder. Not the kinda two-for-one deal I can get behind. After that, the bad soundtrack kicks in and the movie is on its way.

As if the initial letdown wasn't bad enough the movie slows down even more and takes it's time introducing and fleshing out the main players, wWho are none other than some horny campers out for a good time in the wilderness. Pretty standard stuff sure, but the women are easy enough on the eyes, so it's not too big of a deal. Following the convention there is the usual nudity and subsequent killings. Both of which are on the mediocre side, and not worth going into detail about, but the murders are shown and they have some decent bloodletting. While tension and suspense are both absent, they do try to create some with the killers constant heartbeat playing throughout various scenes.

Now with all that said there are a few things I liked, mainly the actors, and the scene where the great debate breaks out. Yes, the timeless argument of weather a cucumber and cream cheese sandwich is actually good or not is thoroughly discussed. This really serves as the platform to tell the back-story of the area, and of the killer. Other than that things are very conventional, except for the somewhat amusing and disturbing ending. Although different than the typical genre standard, I highly doubt it will shock or impress anyone.

Another rare 80's slasher that follows the formula with less than stellar results. Nothing to new or exciting is offered up, except for the one climbing scene that Wrong Turn blatantly ripped off. Recommended to the 80's elitist or the exceptionally bored only.

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