Rammbock: Berlin Undead (2010)

April 23, 2011 - 5:22pm | FrighT MasteR
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Marvin Kren
Michael Fuith, Anka Graczyk, Theo Trebs

Also known as Siege of the Dead in the UK, Rammbock is Germany's take on the zombie-ish infection sub-genre that was made famous by films like 28 Days Later and [Rec]. Although predictable and definitely flawed in several areas, the movie somehow still managed to produce some decent and creative ideas in its short hour running time.

The story revolves around a heartbroken guy, who returns to Berlin in hopes of winning back the affections of his ex-girlfriend. Instead, what he arrives to is an apartment with a couple workers fixing up the place and no ex-GF in sight. Shortly after arriving one of the workers begins foaming at the mouth and attacks the other, which sets the pace and story for the rest of the flick. The movie focuses on the man and a teen boy, as they attempt to survive the ordeal in the apartment complex.

First off, I'd like to point out that although the film is promoted as a "zombie movie" the infected here aren't zombies, in my opinion. Much like the flicks Rammbock borrows from, the victims are infected and full of violent rage. I'm not gonna get into a big debate about this since the genre has changed so much over the years, so what are and what aren't zombies is merely a matter of opinion at this point. In my personal opinion one must die first, then return in order to be classified as a "zombie," but once again, that's just how I see it.

Anyway, it's pretty clear early on that the film's main inspiration comes from [Rec], especially considering there's even one scene involving an old infected lady in a white outfit that attacks our survivors. Those who've seen [Rec] will notice the similarities immediately. Although the movie borrows from several other films and offers very little we haven't already seen, there are a couple moments that stand out. For instance, a well-shot sequence involving our lead as he witnesses the carnage from the apt. window, communicating with others from adjacent apartment and watching as the infected attack survivors from below.

The discovery they make later on to combat the infected (which I won't spoil) was also fairly creative, showing that there's still a little creativity behind this overused sub-genre. On a negative note, I found it disappointing that we're given very little, if any, gore. For this particular sub-genre gore is a MUST, especially if you're trying to pass this off as a "zombie movie." At least the make-up effects for the infected (although simple) were decent and pretty effective. Clocking in at barely the one-hour mark, the filmmakers definitely could've given it another 20-or-so minutes to flesh out these characters.

Instead, we're given very little info on any of these people, and I found our hero pretty annoying for the most part. Not only is he useless through half the film, but while all this mayhem was happening around him, all he seemed to care about was whether he'd hear from or see his ex-GF again. The climax also has a lot left to be desired, ending a little abrupt, and giving the viewer very few answers to the various questions posed throughout the flick.

Rammbock is a decent infection film, offering some creative aspects in an otherwise flawed and clichéd movie. Clocking in at barely an hour, much is left to be desired, as we're given little-to-no answers and delivered a rather abrupt and anti-climactic ending. However, the pic maintained my interested from the start and it wasn't an entirely wasted experience.

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