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July 24, 2012 - 7:27pm | FrighT MasteR
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Paco Plaza
Leticia Dolera, Diego Martín, Javier Botet, Àlex Monner, Claire Baschet, Ismael Martínez, Carla Nieto, Ana Isabel Velásquez, Mireia Ros, Xavier Ruano

After teaming with Jaume Balagueró with the first two [Rec] films, Paco Plaza and Juame decide to part ways for the final two installments in the franchise (supposedly), the first being this flick, followed by Apocalypse from Juame at a later date. It was initially thought that this would be a prequel to the previous installments, but it's actually a parallel story to the first two (primarily the first). Although some may hate that the movie went for a more conventional approach towards its storytelling this time, I actually found it refreshing since I've grown rather tired of the POV camera technique (at least for the moment).

The story finds us at a wedding for Clara and Koldo, a young and happy couple that will soon wish they hadn't invited so many guests for the event, especially their Uncle, who just so happens to have a bite on his hand from the very same dog from the first movie... It's not long before his eyes get bloodshot and starts foaming at the mouth right before taking a bite out of one of the partygoers.

For the first 20-minutes we watch the pre and post-wedding scenes through a couple handheld cameras, but once things start to go to shit, we're immediately switched to more conventional means of storytelling. It seems logical anyway, considering that in a situation like that chances are you're not gonna wanna be bothered with holding a camera the entire time, especially when you're just trying to survive and a person can only use the "we have to get all this on film" excuse so many times before it becomes unreasonably idiotic. 

Sadly, the standard approach does come with a price, as it takes away from the tense gritty realism that the first two offered and we're left with a more straight forward pic that's rather lacking in scares. The film blends certain supernatural aspects we've learned from the second film into this, but otherwise, it doesn't really progress the overall story much, which I think is one of the flick's biggest drawbacks. Next to offering more blood and carnage (aside from one key thing done by a priest) nothing new is actually given to the audience.

One thing we haven't really seen much in the franchise (until now) were comedic moments, which I didn't really mind, but did find to be a little out of place. Even so, I thought the movie was a fun and mindless ride, and really liked its brutal and unrelenting approach towards the remaining survivors in the story. The pacing is also pretty strong throughout and things really pick up towards the end (especially the gore) when Clara gets a hold of a chainsaw and just lays waste to the infected. It's just sad that the filmmakers couldn't offer more to the viewer as far as story goes.

Serving as a parallel entry to the first two flicks, fans of the series may be disappointed by it dropping the POV approach, but I personally had no problems with it. Though, it did take away from the tense and atmospheric scenes that we've grown accustomed to from the series. In the end, it's definitely the weakest of the three and doesn't necessarily add anything new to the overall story, but I still found it to be a fun mindless bloody ride, so it's a mixed bag. As an addition to the series it's a minor letdown, but as a movie on its own, it's a decent watch.

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