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Reeker (2005)

  Tags: Arielle Kebbel, Dave Payne, David Hadinger, Derek Richardson, Devon Gummersall, Eric Mabius, hidden gem, Marcia Strassman, Michael Ironside, Reeker, Scott Whyte, slasher, Tina Illman, Tina Payne, underrated

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Dave Payne
90 minutes
Devon Gummersall, Tina Payne, Derek Richardson, Tina Illman, Scott Whyte, Arielle Kebbel, Michael Ironside, Eric Mabius, Marcia Strassman, David Hadinger

Reeker is the latest supernatural indie slasher thats been getting a lot of fairly positive buzz lately from those who've had the privilege of viewing it. I for-one really enjoyed the flick, and if it weren't for the clichéd climax, I probably would have given it a higher rating. Although the movie's premise isn't the greatest, it's the vicious (and smelly) antagonist that steals the show.

Somehow the film manages to slap all these mainstream remakes and sequels in the face and deliver an interesting and original new horror icon. Is that the stench of death I smell? Perhaps. As the movie progresses we see more and more of this assailant that's terrorizing these young party-goers. Despite its semi low-budget, the movie can easily pass itself off as your standard theatrical genre release. When it comes to gore, it spares no expense -- a nice drilling through the gut is one example.

Surprisingly it's not just the villain, but the interesting cast of characters, which make the film all-the-more entertaining. Mixed in the usual group of young boozers, druggies, and sluts, we have a blind guy, whom adds to some thrilling situations. Michael Ironside has a cameo performance as a man in search for his missing wife, and Eric Mabius plays a drug dealer, whose hunting down someone from the group after they stole some of his drugs.

The movie is your typical fun and entertaining B-horror flick, mixed with a cast of familiar young faces, and an interesting villain for added flavor. A fun ride for genre fans, with its predictable, half-assed ending as its only real flaw.

The movie somehow manages to not only pull off an interesting and entertaining watch, but even adds a semi-original villain in the mix. If you're looking for something fun then be sure to add this to your list of flicks to see. Be warned of the clichéd ending though.

Posted on September 6, 2010 - 8:40pm | FrighT MasteR