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Resolution (2012)

  Tags: Aaron Moorhead, Bill Oberst Jr., indie, Justin Benson, Kurt David Anderson, Mystery, Peter Cilella, Resolution, thriller, Vinny Curran, Zahn McClarnon

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Justin Benson, Aaron Moorhead
93 minutes
Peter Cilella, Vinny Curran, Zahn McClarnon, Bill Oberst Jr., Kurt David Anderson

I've been looking for another new indie genre film to really surprise me (last one being The Pact) so I thought I'd give Resolution a chance after reading so much praise for it from other viewers and critics. It's definitely a movie that you need to go in knowing very little of (like I did) because it's the mystery aspect of the story that keeps you glued to the screen, but unless you're completely invested in that and in the two leads, you'll probably have a hard time going through the film due to its rather slow pacing.

At first glance the flick offers a pretty basic storyline--a dude goes to his gun-toting friend's aid after its clear that the guy needs to detox ASAP, otherwise he or someone around him will end up getting hurt. It's during this process of detoxing that the helpful friend realizes that the area and the people around it aren't as they seem, but all that does is fuel his curiosity even further. This is just the start of an interesting multi-layered and clue-finding approach to the storytelling that we're witness to until the very end.

I like Resolution to a certain extent and I can certainly see why it has received so much praise. The writing is definitely solid and the acting and chemistry between the two male leads is very convincing, which is good because they're essentially the key driving force for the film. However, this is NOT a movie for everyone, especially given that very little even happens in it. Not only that, but it's more of a mystery than a horror film, especially given that it's all character and story-driven, with the main focus being getting answers for what's going on with the area that the two leads have found themselves in.

As I said before, as good as the story is, it still suffers from pacing issues, especially since nothing really changes until well past the halfway mark and by the time we realize what's actually going on, the film kind of just ends, likely leaving you scratching your head until everything finally manages to sink in. It's a movie that really forces you to invest your attention to everything that goes on, otherwise you'll probably find the somewhat ambiguous climax much more confusing than it actually is.

Resolution is a rare indie pic that relies primarily on its minimal characters and mystery aspect of storytelling to capture its viewers, as opposed to the blood, gore, and cheese that we're usually accustomed to. So, it's definitely not a film for everyone, especially if you can't see completely investing yourself into a slow-paced mystery with very little payoff. Either way, it seems the type of film that you may grow to like and appreciate after repeated viewings.

Posted on February 2, 2013 - 9:18pm | FrighT MasteR