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Rush Week (1989)

  Tags: 80's, 80's Slashers, Bob Bralver, college, Courtney Gebhart, Dean Hamilton, Donald Grant, Pamela Ludwig, Roy Thinnes, Rush Week, underrated

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Bob Bralver
96 minutes
Pamela Ludwig, Dean Hamilton, Roy Thinnes, Donald Grant, Courtney Gebhart

I didn't know too much about this movie before seeing it. A friend of mine hooked me up with it and it seemed to have mixed reviews, so I gave it a shoot and found it to be a lot better than I expected. The plot is nothing too original - A college reporter is searching for a good story and ends up using the mysterious disappearances of some local college students. She unravels more than she expected and eventually gets hunted down by a cloaked individual carrying a huge axe -- excellent.

I guess I enjoyed this movie since I'm a sucker for 80's slashers and I went in watching it without knowing very little about it. The directing and acting is average for your typical 80's slasher film. The killer had an interesting costume and a very cool weapon. The gore was decent and so was the blood. I would have given this movie a lower-rating, but I enjoyed how it mixed various 80's slasher movies together. On the bad-side, it's incredibly predictable and has all the regular clichés you'd expect in a horror film.

A good rent if you're into 80's slasher movies. Not very original, but not many slashers are. The killer wasn't too bad either.

Posted on February 7, 2010 - 2:13pm | FrighT MasteR