Scream (1981)

July 5, 2009 - 5:06pm | FrighT MasteR
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Byron Quisenberry
Pepper Martin, Hank Worden, Alvy Moore, Bobby Diamond, Ethan Wayne

No, this obviously isn't a review for the 1996 Scream that we all know of. I stumbled across this 80's slasher when I was visiting an old video store by me. I didn't know anything about it, but I figured I'd give it a chance, because I'm partial to slashers from the 80s. If I knew this was going to suck as bad as it did I wouldn't have even bothered to touch the cover. The plot is about a group of people on vacation, who decide to take a rafting trip up to an old abandoned town in the middle of nowhere. Everything seems fine until someone dies and then they mysteriously lose their rafts, so they have no way to get home. Uh-oh. This movie bored the hell out of me. I spent most of my time fast-forwarding through all the boring parts than watching the movie itself. At one point I had to rewind it a little, because I actually dozed off while I was fast-forwarding. Not like I missed much anyway.

The film starts off kind of interesting with all the people from the trip roam about the abandoned town, but somehow the movie managed to crap all over itself by having these ridiculous people always going off on their own only to get murdered. One person dies by going to get a beer alone and later on someone dies by going to get coffee on their own. I would have figured that they'd wanna be in a group as much as possible knowing there's some dumbass killer on the loose. I have no idea why these people always seemed to split up, but they did and naturally they got their asses killed. The killer himself was nothing special. We don't really get to see the person until the end when they reveal who did all the killing, and when the killer was finally revealed, it failed to surprise me, because I guessed who it was a long ass time ago. Then the writers of the film decided to throw in some weird supernatural elements, which just confused the hell out've me.

The death scenes are crappy, the story is horrible, the acting is laughable, and the directing is a waste of time. There's barely any blood and there's no gore at all. I really don't see anything good about this movie. I only gave it a 2-rating and not a 1 was because, as much as this movie sucks, I've still seen worse, but this crap sure came close. Scream my ass, more like yawn! I can't believe I wasted 74 cents to rent this; I want my pocket-change back!

A horrible slasher movie. The story is predictable and unoriginal, the killer is a bore, there is nothing positive about this. Avoid!

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