Second Coming (2009)

September 26, 2009 - 12:46pm | EC
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Second Coming

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Jose Zambrano Cassella
Juliet Reeves, Greg Thompson, Haley Boyle

Vivendi Entertainment has brought us a few gems in the past, most notably "They Wait" and "Calvaire". Unfortunately the company also has its share of dreadful direct to video releases, most recently the horrid affair "A Brush With Death" and other clunkers like "Vegas Vampires" and "House of 9". I was really hopeful that 2009's "Second Coming" would prove to be a worthy addition to Vivendi's catalogue and a positive change of pace.

The end result?

Let's pray that "Second Coming" has no second helping.

Director and co-writer Jose Cassella had a fairly good idea here on paper. "Second Coming" is a murder mystery that unfortunately tells the tale in the first ten minutes of the film. We see a business man, Barry Drake, drowning a young woman, Ashley, then heading for home to his family and the proverbial "it never happened" mindset. The problem isn't that the body is found immediately. No, the main problem for Drake is the woman has a psychic link with her twin sister
Lora. The sibling returns to her hometown after going a few days with no response from Ashley only to discover that her sister was murdered in a nearby river. After finding a valuable clue that leads to the killer, Lora dishes out some revenge by pretending to be her sister Ashley from the dead. From there the viewer sees the slow (and I do enforce Slow) demise of Drake's sanity as he copes with the idea that Ashely is out for revenge.

For a ghost story revenge theme the best idea is to keep the murderer a mystery, after all that is the focus point of the story, to leave little clues for the living that leads to the eventual downfall of the "red herring". It worked well for films like "The Ring", "Mirrors" and even the long running "Ghost Whisperer" because the murder mystery isn't quite solved until the end of the movie or the fevered climax. Instead of biding his time Cassella throws it all on the table and leaves the viewer simply going through the motions for seventy-seven minutes of downtime. The plot is also paper thin, with Lora never going to the police. At one point she has a waitress who witnessed Drake with the murdered as well as an ear plug that would place Drake at the scene of the crime. Instead of cashing in the evidence she simply says she doesn't have any proof. This is just absolute laziness on the part of Cassella and dismiss the viewer as an ignorant bystander.

The film gets a 3 out of 10 based on score, some really good light and shadow scenes and the flashback cuts that showcase the terrible childhood of the twins. Props go to Greg Thompson who plays Drake wonderfully as well as Haley Boyle, the convincing actress who plays duel roles for flashbacks.

Stay away from this movie and simply add it to the list of Vivendi failures. This film is just a miserable watch and really goes nowhere. The viewer will be appalled by the ending and really never connects with the characters. Score, lighting and the excellent portrayals from Thompson and Boyle are the brief highlights.

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