Sector 7 (2011)

January 9, 2012 - 8:50pm | FrighT MasteR
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Ji-Hun Kim
Ji-won Ha, Seong-gi Ahn, Han-wee Lee, Cheol-min Park, Ji-ho Oh, Sae-byeok Song, Ye-ryeon Cha

South Korea has been slowly trying to recreate the success of The Host since its release in 2006, but have since failed. At first it seemed as though Sector 7 would finally rectify the situation, but after having seen the movie, I'm sad to say that it didn't. The film is just all over the place and the questionable CG didn't help matters either.

The story revolves around a small group of oil-riggers working off an aged drilling station dubbed Sector 7. With years of non-existent oil, the crew are close to calling it quits until the old captain returns to suggest drilling one last time. Success!! And Sector 7 is saved from its seemingly inevitable closure. However, this comes with a cost, as the crew soon discovers when people start mysteriously dying off. The death's are quickly revealed to be thanks to a large aquatic creature roaming the station and it's up to the surviving crew and its resident "touch chick" to put a stop to the foul beast before it devours everyone.

I love Korean cinema and am familiar with its often use of comedy in most of their films, no matter the genre. This is also the case here, however, much of the comedic elements fall rather flat. In fact, much of the script in general is just straight poor and I'm amazed at how it even got greenlit in the first place. Early on we're given a lot of scenes that help us get to know each of the characters and their quirky aspects, delivering some mild comedy along the way. We're also introduced to the lead female, who tries her best tough chick impression (even racing a motorcycle on the rig and everything!), but not quite pulling it off.

Around the half-way mark the creature finally makes itself known to the crew in all its cheesy CG glory and the pacing is kicked into full gear as everyone goes into survival mode. I actually kind of liked the look of the creature, which was sad considering how poor the computer effects for it were, making it hard to believe that these characters were actually in peril at times. Aside from the bad script, the overuse of computer imagery is definitely a huge negative aspect, especially in the unrealistic-looking scenes involving the crew outside on the rig. It almost seemed as though you were constantly reminded that a majority of these scenes took place in a small set in front of a green screen.

Sector 7 is yet another failed attempt at recreating the success of The Host, and instead, giving us a SyFy-esque creature feature in terms of story and effects. Despite all that, the movie kept my interest for the most part and even delivered a decent and lengthy battle between the heroine and the beast towards the end. But with its numerous faults, it's just hard to recommend a movie like this other than to viewers who like cheesy no-brainer creature flicks, because that's essentially all it is.

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