Sexykiller (2008)

December 18, 2009 - 6:08am | FrighT MasteR
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Miguel Martí
Macarena Gómez, Cesar Camino, Alejo Sauras, Angel De Andrés, Nadia Casado, Andreu Castro, Carolina Bona, Fernando Ramallo, Juan Díaz, Ramón Langa, Lucciano Federico, María Lanau

What in da hell did I just watch? This movie was all over the place! First it's a slasher spoof then all of a sudden it's a zombie flick; WTF!? So, this is a new horror comedy to come out of Spain from director Miguel Martí that tries just a little too hard to please the viewer and ends up just confusing itself.

The story follows the high-maintenance Bárbara, who spends her days in short skirts and lots of makeup and her nights slicing and dicing her fellow students and staff 'round the local campus. Why? "Why not!?" she says in the movie, and at the camera no-less! Yes, there are several scenes throughout the movie where she will look directly into the camera and talk to it, which I personally hate in movies. Sometimes it can work, but other times (like this one) it's just silly, but I guess that's basically what the director was going for anyway.

The first half of the flick is your basic slasher, and somehow the killer Bárbara gets away with it quite easily. She doesn't even bother covering her tracks, but apparently no one in Spain suspects a slutty female to be the killer *shrugs*. The director tries to make the movie as funny and quirky as possible; throwing in homage's and spoofs from various other genre efforts, which would have worked had they actually been funny. In fact, I never laughed once through the entire movie. There's also a brief musical number in the movie in an attempt to brush over some background information on our lead killer Bárbara, which is pretty much all the info we get on the character.

Somewhere around the hour mark zombies make an appearance in the flick, making the film go from silly to absurd in a matter of minutes. The reason the dead come to life is due to a couple students, who somehow created a machine that's able to broadcast a person's thoughts onto a screen. Supposedly they're able to even capture the last thing a person sees before their death, as long as they inject the corpse with some sort of experimental serum. Naturally years of horror flicks have taught us that injecting a corpse with anything will only lead to zombies, thus, it doesn't take long before the whole campus is swarming with'em.

I only wished they had introduced the zombies much sooner in the movie and did away with a majority of the stupid spoof-slasher aspect, because that did not work for the movie at all. I actually found myself enjoying the last 20-or-so-minutes of the pic thanks to those little flesh-eaters. On the plus side there's a nice locker room shower scene at the start of the flick; can't go wrong there!

A failed attempt at crossing two sub-genres together, which comes off as a confusing mess. Identity crises or not, the zombie aspect that we're introduced to towards the end of the pic is somewhat entertaining, but sadly, we have to sit through the unfunny first hour to get there. Not worth the effort, in my opinion.

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