Slice (2018)



First time filmmaker Austin Vesely writes and directs this new horror comedy that mixes a bunch of different subgenres together in a misguided attempt at creating something fresh for the genre. It was an interesting, but failed experiment, mostly due in part to the film's terrible script and mediocre execution.

The story is set in a small town that used to be known as one of the most haunted places ever; that is until the new mayor decides to somehow move all the ghosts to their own lil' neighboring town, where they can "live" and occasionally co-exist with the non-dead. Years pass with little issues until the delivery crew of a small pizza joint start getting killed off when they're out delivering pizzas. The bumbling police force assumes the killer is a ghost, but rumor around town is that it might actually be a werewolf/Chinese delivery guy (poorly played by "Chance the Rapper"). A werewolf going around slicing people's necks with a knife? Okay script, whatever you say.

Meanwhile, a local reporter starts snooping around enough to discover that the deaths may have something to do with a coven of witches that live in the town. Oh, and also the fact that the pizza place is built on top of a gateway to Hell (don't'cha hate when that happens?). The movie is just one big mishmash of ideas, some of which are interesting (like the ghosts co-existing with the living), but little is really done with that concept, and the ghosts just looked like regular people wearing cheap pale makeup, so calling them "ghosts" seemed like a stretch.

The film's concept is one of the many silly things about the film, which is also described as a "comedy," though unfortunately I never laughed once. Sure there are some minor amusing moments, but nothing more than that. Of course comedy is subjective, so I won't knock the movie entirely based on that. No, the biggest issues with the film have to do with its terribly incoherent script, which mostly just focuses on the town's weird eccentric characters more so than any kind of proper storytelling. Sadly these characters are also pretty thin and only exist to pop up and get killed off by the standard slash to the throat (where's the creativity!?).

To make matters worse, there's this narration done by the reporter at random times in a cheap attempt to move the story along, but the cheesy dialogue and monotone female voice just makes it come off as something from the Disney channel. And the movie kept talking about Chance the Rapper as this big bad werewolf, but we don't actually see him take form until the last bits of the film and even then his look is pretty bland and uninspired, so any kind of hope of a big payoff that we might've been holding on to just evaporated. Too bad the movie just can't do the same.

Slice turned out to be one of the bigger disappoints in the genre for me, as it seemed to offer some interesting ideas and potential at times, but the terrible script along with its thin group of eccentric characters just proved how important it is to have a somewhat semi-decent script and not just a bunch of mishmashed ideas thrown together.