Some Kind of Hate (2015)

February 11, 2016 - 8:51pm | DMHead777
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Adam Egypt Mortimer
Ronen Rubenstein, Sierra McCormick, Grace Phipps, Spencer Breslin, Lexi Atkins, Noah Segan, Michael Polish

Plot: A "teenager" is sent to a reform school because he defends himself against a bully. New problems arise, however, as a new school comes with new bullies, but he has the vengeful spirit, Moira, on his side.

It's very rare that I lose interest in a horror film. I try to pick out the good out of everything I watch. I sort of know what goes into making a film like this and I understand it's not easy. No filmmaker wants to make something people hate. Unfortunately, I enjoyed this movie about as much as the title. Some Kind of Hate is extremely cliche and the filmmakers prove that they are out of touch. It's evident that the last experience they had with 16 year olds is when they were actually 16.

We are introduced to Lincoln Taggert. A "teenager" that gets emotionally and physically abused at home and at school. The filmmakers were trying way too hard here. Not only is the kid getting bullied at home by his step father, but he apparently has the entire school against him. It's one of those movies where EVERYONE is laughing at him when he is getting picked on. It just isn't realistic and I can't really feel sorry for the character. You may notice I keep putting teenager in quotes. That is because everyone in this film looks like they are old enough to go to prison instead of a reform school. It's very comical and another reason why I was paying more attention to Facebook than the film.

By the way, there is a vengeful ghost in this film. Apparently summoning a spirit is pretty easy when you get bullied and want everyone to die. Her name is Moira and she is the only redeeming quality in Some Kind of Hate. With her character comes much needed gore to save the mediocrity of this film. She appears almost out of nowhere and half the time I didn't even notice her in the scenes. It's a cool idea in a very poor movie. I was almost hoping that this movie didn't have any aspects to make me remember it, but alas, Moira.

Stay away from Some Kind of Hate. It's filled with weak acting, cliches of bullying, and a horrible plot. It did have an actual teenager playing Moira though, and I am kind of a fan of Noah Segan as well. The gore was pretty good, but the execution of everything else was awful.

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