Stage Fright (1987)

February 7, 2010 - 2:51pm | FrighT MasteR
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Michele SoaviĀ 
David Brandon, Barbara Cupisti, Robert Gligorov, Martin Philips

Well this was a surprisingly entertaining film to watch. I wasn't expecting much from it, but I'm glad I spent time to check it out. The movie starts off with this group of young actors who star in this play about a murderer and a rape. They end up working late hours because the greedy director wants to get the play started the next day. Eventually some mental patient escapes from a local asylum and hitches a ride with one of the actors to the building where the play is being held. The rest is history.

Anyway, this has to be one of the few underrated slasher films that came out of the 80s. It was pretty well directed and had a few tense scenes. There wasn't anything really scary about it, but the mask the killer wore was pretty freaky--it was a giant owl mask that was a prop in the play. It's good to see a little originality in that at least.

Another thing I liked about this film is the fact that the killer doesn't really bother to hide himself. In one scene he goes in front of the whole cast and stabs this woman to death. The characters don't split up and get killed one by one, like most slashers. The killer in this film goes after them when they're in a group. There was an average amount of gore and blood, but not much sex or nudity coming from an 80s film. I thought the plot was done many times before, but this is one of the few films that really pulls off the whole escaped mental patient thing well. The acting was pretty good and the death scenes were fun to watch. Each character died off pretty quick.

I also liked the fact that they didn't bother with the whole, who dun' it-type deal, where we don't know who the killer is. This isn't one of the best slashers I've seen, but it is one of the better ones that have come out of the 80s. I was a little confused towards the end of the film, but wasn't disappointed with the end result. I would have given it a higher rating, but it lacked more deaths and a better script.

Not a bad film. One of the better 80s slashers. Check this out.

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