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The Supernaturals (1986)

  Tags: 80's, Armand Mastroianni, Bradford Bancroft, LeVar Burton, Maxwell Caulfield, Nichelle Nichols, soldiers, Talia Balsam, Zombie Movies

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Armand Mastroianni
91 minutes
Maxwell Caulfield, Nichelle Nichols, Talia Balsam, Bradford Bancroft, LeVar Burton

I didn't really know much about this movie before seeing it aside from the fact that it has zombie confederates and that it came out in the 80's. I thought the movie sounded pretty interesting, so I gave it a chance. Bah. I expected a lot better. As many may already know, I'm a fan of 80's horror films and zombie movies, so I thought this would be a good match. I was very wrong. The movie did have its entertaining moments, but overall it was just stupid.

The plot is basically about a group of naive young recruits in the army who get a wake up call by getting some training in a secluded wooded area. Little do they know, that's the very place where a bunch of Yankee soldiers killed a town of confederates decades ago. It doesn't take very long before the dead confederates to rise from the grave and cause havoc on the young troops.

The movie is pretty predictable and clichéd. The group is just your average young dumbasses who know nothing and listen to silly music, but end up fending for their lives in their own little war with the confederate zombies. The movie was decent at best. There wasn't enough zombie action and the effects for the zombies were pretty lame. It was pretty funny to see the Reading Rainbow Guy play a role as one of the young recruits. Not used to seeing the guy cuss so much, especially when I grew up watching the mofo talk about books and act like a nerd. Anyway, I would have liked to given the movie a higher-rating, but it was dull in parts and it was just too predictable. It did keep my interest for the most part. I've seen a lot worse.

Decent film at best; Had its moments, but overall just wasn't enough to be a good movie. The zombies weren't too good, but it was interesting seeing them use old ass weapons. I'd say this is worth a rent if you're into silly 80's horror, but don't check this lookin' for a good movie.

Posted on July 6, 2009 - 5:32am | FrighT MasteR