Sweet Sixteen (1983)

March 22, 2010 - 7:36pm | FrighT MasteR
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Jim Sotos
Bo Hopkins, Susan Strasberg, Patrick Macnee, Don Stroud, Dana Kimmell, Don Shanks, Aleisa Shirley, Steve Antin, Sharon Farrell, Logan Clarke, Michael Pataki, Henry Wilcoxon

It's rare that a horror film attempts to blend the mystery sub-genre into it, but in this case Sweet Sixteen did, and didn't do a bad job of it either. I expected this to be a cheesy slasher, but it's actually a pretty decent movie; mostly due in part of the cast and good acting -- a rarity for an 80's horror movie. The makers attempt to use the storyline to keep the viewers glued rather than nudity and lots of gory on-screen deaths. Slow-paced, but well acted, the movie keeps you guessing as to who the killer is. When it was finally time to reveal the killer, it's actually not much of a surprise, but the story behind it is.

The story basically follows a beautiful young temptress named Melissa, who has recently moved into town and just started school. It doesn't take long before she uses her looks to have all the boys wanting her and all the girls hating her. Sadly, each one of the boys who attempts to get close to Melissa somehow ends up dead. Clues lead to a couple local Native Americans as the culprits, but as the film progresses and Melissa reaches her sixteenth birthday, the story thickens leading us to possibly think otherwise. Although the deaths aren't that original (they're all pretty much just stabbed), we at least get a decent body count.

The movie suffers from being too dark with certain scenes and is rather slow-paced for a slasher, but that goes with it being a mystery. Thankfully, the story is interesting, and the above-average acting kept me from fast-forwarding some of the more dull parts.

With the successful blend of a slasher and a horror mystery, this is a surprisingly decent movie. Although it's pretty slow-paced, and the deaths are pretty tame (using only a knife), we get some above-average acting and an interesting storyline. Compared to many other slashers to come out the decade, this is a gem. This is worth a check for a little mystery with your slash-flicks. I'd suggest avoiding it if you want more variety in your deaths.

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