Tales From the Hood 2 (2018)


The first Tales From the Hood hit theaters towards the end of May 1995, but didn't really make much of a dent at the box office at the time. Of course it was going up against some heavy hitters like Braveheart and Casper (which was #1 that weekend). It wasn't until the movie hit rental shelves that it slowly garnered a following and now over two decades later many fans consider it a classic. I've always found the movie to be a guilty pleasure and it's still surprisingly one of the better horror anthologies out there. Unfortunately the same can't be said about this sequel.

Since Clarence Williams is retired from acting, the old funeral director/host "Mr. Simms" is now played by actor Keith David, who is called upon by some sort of private security firm to aid in their secretive A.I. program. Apparently they've created a robot that will be able to determine who has or who will commit crimes and I guess they need Mr. Simms to tell it stories so it can "learn" from them (I guess Mr. Simms is some kind of well renowned story teller at this point?). As silly as all this sounds, it's still only the wraparound.

The first story focuses on a few naive Millennials that decide to still steal an old doll from a local Black History museum late one night, but get more than they bargained for when one of the dolls mysteriously becomes lifesize to exact revenge. The main doll from the first movie has a brief appearance in this story, but doesn't really do anything other than laugh. This seemed like a missed opportunity to have the old slave dolls return, which was one of the more popular segments from the first flick. Instead, this tale ended up with a weird comedic twist.

The stories don't get much better as the film progresses, with the next detailing a fraudulent spiritual medium, who gets kidnapped by some gangbangers looking to contact someone they killed in order to find out where he hid some money.  Naturally things don't go as planned and the medium gets possessed by victims of the gang instead, and they obviously aren't happy with how things turned out for them.

The next tale follows a couple players looking for a one night stand with some ladies, who turn out to be vampires (*rolls eyes*), while the last segment is the longest and most heavy-handed with its meaning; it's also the most boring of them all. Despite the creative team behind the first movie back to write and direct, everything about this film simply isn't up to par with what the first offered, from the stories to look of the film itself; and just seemed like even after all these years to work on the sequel it still felt rushed and sloppily thrown together, especially the script.

After all these years and we get this nonsense? Boring predictable tales; ridiculous wraparound; questionable acting; the list goes on. Despite having so much time to work on a sequel it still felt rushed. If you're a fan of the first movie (like I am) do yourself a favor and just skip this boring and unimaginative mess.