The Terror Within (1989)

December 30, 2010 - 1:23pm | FrighT MasteR
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Thierry Notz
George Kennedy, Andrew Stevens, Starr Andreeff, Terri Treas, John Lafayette, Tommy Hinkley, Yvonne Saa, Joseph Hardin

This is another one of "Roger Corman's Classics" which basically means it's another cheesy 80's monster flick from producer Roger Corman. I've seen a couple of his creature flicks before, and I found'em both to be pretty decent. Gotta admit that the man knows his cheesy creature flicks.

The story is about a group of scientist bunkered up within an underground lab that are set to develope a vaccine for the the diseased post-apocalyptic world above them. They remain unground until it's time to go above in search for food. In the midst of this, a couple members of the group in search for food, get killed by mutated creatures referred to as "Gargoyles". In turns out that these creatures really hate males and apparently need female hosts to impregnate in order to create more. One of the female scientists gets the seed, and causes more problems when the creature is birthed within the lab. What follows is a struggle to hunt the creature down before it devours the entire group.

This movie is just a cheesy ripoff of Alien with a small mix of Predator, but it still manages to be somewhat entertaining. If you're looking for a cheesy 80's creature feature, then this is a good example. The effects are low-tech and so is the gore, but with people like me (who love cheesy films) it's what made the movie all-the-more entertaining. It was also cool to see star George Kennedy in the movie since I remember him in a lot of other cheesy horror films. Originally I was thinking of giving the movie a 6-rating, then I thought more about the story and decided to give it a 5. It's an entertaining movie, but too much of a ripoff.

Another cheesy creature flick from producer Roger Corman. A ripoff of other Sci-Fi-Horror classics like Alien, but worth a check if you're a fan of 80's creature movies.

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