The Toybox (2018)



“A haunted RV” is the extent of the synopsis provided for The Toybox, starring Denise Richards and Mischa Barton. In other words – a horror film about a possessed RV with Richards AND Barton would automatically impact my upchuck reflex immediately. Talk about the horror! However, never judge a book by its cover. Wise words in this case.

Assuming many readers know the story about David Ray Parker (the “Toybox” killer from New Mexico) who built a torture chamber for his female victims before being captured and sentence in 2001 would be EXTREMELY excited to see this, well…pipe down. This has nothing to do with Parker.

Steve and Jennifer (Denton and Richards) are a couple who accompany their family (young daughter Olivia, Steve’s father Charles, and brother Jay) in a decrepit camper through the desert for a reunion and to fix the obviously strained dynamics within this otherwise tight-knit group. Typical middle-upper class folks who bicker over senseless issues, while fixing snacks and sandwiches in a creepy RV seems to be normal day-to-day life.

As expected though, the mobile home takes a wrong turn, gunning it down a dirt road in “Christine” fashion until they are well off the grid without cell phone access and a busted engine. Luckily, the family picked up Samantha (Barton) and brother Mark on the side of the road in a beaten down pickup truck. Sam is the mechanic, but alas…she is unable to fix the haunted vehicle and panic slowly sets in. The food and water go rancid, while they sit approximately 40+ miles outside of the closest highway.

Hallucinations set in, jump scares burst, and predictable “accidents” start to flow. That doesn’t take away from the fun fact:  no one is safe from the RV entity that is creeping around and taking bodies. The kill scenes are actually quite entertaining! Mangled limbs, strangulation, mauled members and even knife play! Though Sam is the first one to feel the evilness surrounding the camper, it begins to embark on the others who finally visualize this ghost from the past and learn his deadly killing spree intentions.

The Toybox may actually convince people that Richards and Barton…when faced with a hideous demise, are actually a joy to watch on film now! It’s a nice Friday night family gathering with a little fright hidden behind every corner. Caveat emptor!

I had very low expectations of The Toybox. A haunted RV starring Denise Richards and worse…Mischa Barton? Amazing how wrong you can be based on past performances. Or maybe, this was just an extremely fun ride! (Pun intended.) The Toybox is a little gruesome, a little humorous and even a little sad as the family reactions to each death are very heartfelt. However ludicrous The Toybox sounds, it is thoroughly enjoyable.