Triangle (2009)

November 23, 2009 - 10:29pm | FrighT MasteR
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Christopher Smith
Melissa George, Rachael Carpani, Emma Lung, Liam Hemsworth, Michael Dorman, Henry Nixon

Brit director Christopher Smith (Creep, Severance) returns to the genre once again with Triangle, a movie that'll definitely get your mind all twisted after finishing it. The movie leaves us figuring out our own answers as to what the hell it all means, and hell if I didn't enjoy every bit of it, even if I don't necessary understand everything.

The movie follows a young woman (Melissa George) and a group of friends as they set sail to the open sea for some rest and relaxation. They end up getting caught in a mysterious storm that leaves their boat upturned, but find refuge when a large ominous commercial ship finds its way to them. It's nothing but deja vu for the young woman, who seems to think that she has been in the mysteriously abandoned ship before...

I'd rather not give away too much of the plot since this is the type of movie to go in not knowing much. That's pretty much how my experience was with it and added to my curiosity as to how the events will unfold. Writer/director Christopher Smith is quickly becoming a man genre fans should keep an eye on. Even though his past efforts weren't the most original, they still proved interesting and had their own charm about them.

Being a story-driven flick, there's not much as far as gore goes, but there's a decent amount of blood in a few of the scenes. Luckily the movie isn't easily predicted, and constantly forces the viewer to analyze the events and why they're happening. I have to say that its been a while since I've seen a mind-bender like this one, although there was a recent Spanish flick that I could probably compare it to. Keep an eye out for this when it hits DVD/Blu-ray in the US on February 2nd 2010.

A surprisingly good movie that leaves the viewer guessing up to the end. Worth a check if you're looking for a genre effort that requires you to think for once.

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