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Truth or Dare (1986)

  Tags: 80's, 80's slasher, POS movie, Tim Ritter

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Tim Ritter
90 minutes
John Brace, Mary Fanaro, Terence Andreucci, Bruce Gold, A.J. McLean

I went in watching this film with no expectations. I knew at the first 15 seconds of the film that it would suck. Why? cuz of the directing. Right from the start the directing is off and unprofessional. The movie has a very predictable plot. A man returns home from work and finds that his wife is in bed with another man. It turns out that she wanted to tell him about it for a while, but she never got a chance to. The man runs off to the beach to gather his thoughts, which ends up taking a long ass 10 minutes of just wandering around the beach and constant flash backs. The guy decides to go on a camping trip, from which he then loses his sanity.

He is sent to a mental institution and released after a few years. Once he is released he goes back to his old home and ex-wife to kill off the guy she slept with. Blah, blah, the rest you can figure out on your own. The thing I DID like about the movie was that the guy went on a killing rampage and killed a lot of innocent people, but even that looked lame. The fact that he seemed to have gotten a gun out of no where, was a huge plot-hole and the fact that he killed 3 people on a bench next to a crowded highway without cars stopping and wondering what's going on is another plot-hole. This movie is just filled with plot-holes.

The budget for this film was said to be close to a million, but I'm thinking if that were the case then all the money had to have been pocketed by the damn director, cuz it looks like this film was made with $200 bucks -- cheap ass movie. The music is out-of-place and horrible. It sounds like that dumbass music you can play with those electric keyboards. You know the ones that let you press a button for Rock and it plays some lame ass keyboard rock song for you. Anyway, that's the music here. The acting is very unbelievable and lame. I found myself laughing at some of the dialogue and acting in this. It was just so horribly funny. The weirdest thing I found about this film was the fact that Backstreet Boys star, A.J. McLean is in this. He plays the guy that goes insane when he has flashbacks of when he was a kid. Man, I have no idea what that A.J. mofo was doing with this movie, but I can see why he doesn't act anymore.

Another thing I found funny about this movie was the stupid mask the crazy guy ended up making for himself to hide his disfigured face. He cut his face up pretty bad while in the mental hospital, so he made a copper mask for himself. I thought it was funny watching him drive a car with the mask on, cuz he made the brows of the mask so big that it somewhat overlaps part of the eyes, which makes it hard to see, so in order for him to see he had to keep his chin up. The dumbass should have made a better mask. I would give this movie a lower-rating if I could, but I can't. This is added to the worst-films-I've-ever-seen list.

A really cheap, crappy movie. Bad acting, very bad directing. Everything in this film is laughable. I wouldn't even call it horror. Don't bother with this. Ever!

Posted on July 27, 2009 - 7:29am | FrighT MasteR