Ugly Sweater Party (2018)



When someone says “starring Hunter Johnson and Charles Chudabala”, say no more. There is going to be a butt-load of utter nasty fun going on!

Ugly Sweater Party has been in the makings for over a year now and it has been well worth the wait! Opening with an eccentric Delcan Rains (Sean Whalen) strapped to a chair, beaten and tortured by the local corrupt police, the ugly sweater he dons begins to seize the moment of crazy possession, thus leading the audience to an outrageous story to follow.

Fast forward to a bachelor’s bathroom where Jody (Johnson) is clearly having difficulty shaving his balls while roommate Cliff (Chudabala) is daydreaming “Chippendale-style” dance moves in his festively decorated bedroom. Both young men are grooming for what appears to be the holiday gathering of the decade – the Ugly Sweater Party in the woods.

Jody immediately drags everyone into his hilarious lunacy as the pepto-pink wearing sex-infused dude, alongside his ambivalent side-kick, Cliff. When the guys stumble upon the filthy yet haunted ugly sweater previously owned by the evil Declan, the real madness commences.

Clearly on an expedition to get laid, Jody and Cliff join the party at Camp Mandix, hosted by Counselor and Mrs. Mandix (Rose and Blauvelt). Discovering that the maidens in their focus are the daughters of the camp owners, Jody relentlessly pursues his nympho while Cliff fends off Mrs. Mandix as the sweater begins to force its maleficence upon the wearer.

With the assistance of sometime witch and active longer, Hanna (Lara Jean), Jody faces his toughest goal yet - saving his pal Cliff from the evil entity of his ugly sweater.

It is zany, it is sidesplitting and it is as always…in very bad taste.

With a cast that includes the always entertaining Jody Barton, Felissa Rose, Jennifer Nangle, and Gregory Blair, Director Aaron Mento hits all the best points in making a stand-up comedic filled horror flick. Just in time for Christmas, this would make a great stocking stuffer for any disturbed friend and/or relative.

And I stand by my ongoing theory…no one wears blood better than Mr. Charles Chudabala!

Looking for some gory campiness? Pun totally intended! Ugly Sweater Party is an absolute joy, provided the kiddies are tucked away with visions of sugarplums being slaughtered in their dreams. For all the hysterics that ensue, there is still plenty of blood splatter for the horror enthusiast. Merry Nightmares to all!