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Underworld: Evolution (2006)

  Tags: action, Bill Nighy, Derek Jacobi, Kate Beckinsale, Len Wiseman, lycans, Michael Sheen, sci fi, Scott Speedman, Shane Brolly, Tony Curran, Underworld, vamps, Zita Görög

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Len Wiseman
105 minutes
Kate Beckinsale, Scott Speedman, Derek Jacobi, Shane Brolly, Michael Sheen, Bill Nighy, Tony Curran, Zita Görög

With the success of the first film and the fact that it ended with a cliffhanger was an obvious indication that we were going to get a sequel sometime in the future. Now that it's out does it live up to the first movie? I think it does, in fact, it's even better than the first in certain instances. Now with a bigger budget Len Wiseman's able to deliver the audience more eye-candy and cool sequences.

One of my favorite parts in the movie would have to be when Selene and Michael attempt to flee from a very angry and winged Marcus. This sequel also brings us gore-hounds more to drool over, with the buckets of blood that was spilt in the film, and some excellent gore, I.E. an exploding head. Although the plot isn't as engaging as the first movie, it still manages to deliver us some twists and turns as time goes on; even revealing a bit more on Selene's past and a little on the Lycan and Vamp origins.

The first five-or-so minutes of the movie takes place in the past when Marcus and Viktor (along-side Amelia and an army of vamps) arrive at a village that Marcu's Lycan brother William just ravaged, leaving numerous bodies behind that soon turn into werewolves. After capturing William, Viktor tells Marcus how his brother will be imprisoned for eternity. This then leads to present day where we continue to follow Selene and Michael; still on the run and in a hurry to put a stop to the now hybrid Marcus from releasing his entombed Lycan bro. I really enjoyed this movie.

The style of the first movie is still apparent, but this time it has a more open feel to it since our leads are traveling around the countryside, and we see more of the landscape of Budapest, where all this takes place. My only complaint with the film would have to be the ending, which I felt seemed to come to an abrupt close, but maybe I just wasn't expecting it to end the way it did. Either way, I have to say that it was sad to see the film's credits roll, because it was a fun ride while it lasted.

A good sequel to the entertaining first film. Loaded with blood, gore, and even a little sexin' from Kate, this film should please fans of the first movie and maybe even make some new followers along the way.

Posted on November 5, 2009 - 5:27pm | FrighT MasteR