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Uninvited (1988)

  Tags: 80's, Alex Cord, Austin Stoker, cheesy, Clare Carey, Clu Gulager, creature feature, Eric Larson, George Kennedy, Greydon Clark, killer cat, mutation, Rob Estes, Shari Shattuck, Toni Hudson, Uninvited, yaht

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Greydon Clark
90 minutes
Toni Hudson, Eric Larson, Alex Cord, George Kennedy, Clu Gulager, Clare Carey, Rob Estes, Shari Shattuck, Austin Stoker

The best way to describe Uninvited is "pure 80's cheese", because that's exactly what this movie oozes from the start. I mean, it's about a mutated killer cat for crap's sake! Anyway, the story follows a group of 20-somethings that are lookin' for a little vacation fun and decide to mooch off a local shady millionaire after he woo's a couple of the young whores and invites them to his yacht. Before the group enters the yacht one of the ladies picks up an oh-so-adorable stray cat, which I'm sure is just a regular cat and won't kill them or anything, right? Wrong!!! And the passengers aboard the yacht will soon find out as well...

Everything, from the movie's premise to the feisty little feline is downright absurd, but hell if it ain't fun to watch! The film starts off with the cat escaping the clutches of an evil scientist (he'd have to be right?) and after killing off some of the lab techs and rent-a-cop security guards makes its way outta the building. "Oh well" is what we have to assume the scientists said to themselves after it escaped, because that's pretty much the last we ever see of'em, despite the fact that a violent mutated cat just made its way into the public.

At first it sorta seemed like the cat was some kind of feline superhero, because it went after and killed a man who just mugged some poor sap, then decides to intervene when a girl is almost raped. You almost want to start rooting for the damn thing, but then it turns on the rest of the crew aboard the yacht, deminishing any sort of heroic qualities it had, sadness.

As expected, little is explained about the cat, like why it's so damn pissed or what in the hell happened to it to begin with. It's revealed early on (but shown clearer later) that the real cat is actually inside the skin/fur, and pops out whenever it wants to attack. There's a scene later on in the movie where it literally sheds the skin (similar to a snake) attacks someone, then crawls back into the skin of the cat, WTF??

Those unfortunate enough to survive an attack from the cat will be killed shortly later by some kind of painful mutation in their blood. I was really hoping that those hurt by the cat would turn into some kind of cat/human hybrid (which would've been awesome!), but sadly all that happens to them are veins popping and body parts bubbling up (a typical and often-used effect from the decade).

Speaking of which, the make-up effects for the flick really aren't that bad, and we're offered a decent amount of blood. There are a couple genre vets (George Kennedy and Clu Gulager) playing the equally-shady partners of the millionaire, but of course they don't last very long on the yacht, as the cat really seems to hate shady businessman, as do us all.

Uninvited is a poor and equally absurd film, but hell if ain't a fun watch and a welcomed addition to the long-list of enjoyable 80's cheese. If you're keen on fun cheesy flicks or mutated killer cats on yachts, then this is the flick for you!

Posted on September 4, 2010 - 5:53pm | FrighT MasteR