The Unnamable (1988)

July 30, 2009 - 12:05am | FrighT MasteR
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Jean-Paul Ouellette
Charles King, Mark Kinsey Stephenson, Alexandra Durrell, Laura Albert, Eben Ham, Blane Wheatley, Mark Parra, Delbert Spain

I remember watching this movie on VHS many years ago as a kid and really enjoying it. I actually forgot about the movie until recently and I decided to get the Double-Feature disc from Anchor Bay U.K., that has this and it's sequel together on DVD. For some reason only part two is released here in the U.S. and that's thanks to Lion's Gate. Who knows if or when the first will ever get the DVD treatment, but I suggest that if you have access to a DVD player that's able to play Region 2; Pal discs, then get your hands on this set, because it's well worth it.

The movie is loosely based on an H.P. Lovecraft short story. In this film we follow a group of college kids as they attempt to brave a night in an old and supposedly haunted house; little-do-they-know that a creature (born from a mortal mother) does inhabit the home. Apparently it’s been imprisoned within the walls of home by a spell from its wizard-like grandfather. After his death the creature was left alone and feeding off the bodies of those who dare venture into the house. I think next to horror movies like Pumpkinhead, this is one of the better creature-flicks to come out of the 80s. Actually, I think this is one of the more little-known gems and better H.P. Lovecraft adaptations to come to film.

The story starts off with a smart college student telling a tale behind the mysterious abandoned home; leading one of the friends to stay the night in the house to prove that the tale is nothing more than fiction. He doesn't return to school a couple days later; leading the other two friends to look for him in the home. Apparently they aren't the only ones venturing into the house, as four eager college students stay the night in hopes of having a little fun -- the sex kind. In the end they are all forced to fend of their lives as the creature tears its way through their flesh one by one. Yay!

If you get a chance to check this film, make sure it's in its uncut format since it's got some good gore-scenes and loads of blood. There's one scene in the movie where a guy gets his throat ripped open, which apparently tore through an artery since we see a lot of blood spiriting each second. I thought the scene had so much blood in it that it was almost humorous. The movie's theme isn't very original, but I think the creature itself is. The fact that it's female is one, since we're usually treated to a male creature. It also has hooves as feet and lots of fur covering the more "intimate" parts of the body. Of course since it is from the 80's it has to have its clichés; from the standard "this isn't funny" line when a character is investigating a strange noise; to the gratuitous close-up nipple shot of the slutty lead female.

Despite the clichés the film does have one interesting character that I think really stood out amongst the rest of the cast and that was the brainy character named Carter, whose voice and performance draws you into the character. This is a solid 80's horror flick that should please creature and gore-fans alike.

This is definitely an 80's creature-flick that you should check out; clichéd with loads of blood and good gory deaths; Recommended.

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