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Urban Explorer (2011)

  Tags: Andy Fetscher, cannibalism, cannibals, exploring, Klaus Stiglmeier, Martin Thau, Max Riemelt, Nathalie Kelley, nazi, nazis, Nick Eversman, Papermoon Films, Rialto Film, survival, Urban Explorers

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Andy Fetscher
88 minutes
Nathalie Kelley, Nick Eversman, Klaus Stiglmeier, Max Riemelt

Urban Explorer is a film that I was interested in early on due to its theme of urban exploration, which is something I had always been mildly interested in. It also gives the lead characters a great excuse to explore and seclude themselves in the alien environment. The film is basically like any other flick from the genre, where instead of people vacationing at a cabin or camping in the woods, their exploring the metropolitan undergrounds of Europe. Sadly, that comparison doesn't just end there, as everything else that normally comes with that particular theme is also given here, straight down to the dubious and potentially dangerous "locals".

The story starts off pretty fast, as we follow a group of young adventurous 20-somethings from all walks of life meeting up with a local tour guide to take them into the bowels of the rarely explored Berlin undergrounds. It's all fun and games until the guide takes a stumble, forcing the group to split up in order to find help. Around this point a border guard suddenly appears to offer aid to the remaining group, but it's not long before they realize that he has far more nefarious reasons for helping them.

Aside from the setting, Urban Explorer really isn't anything we haven't already encountered in the genre. The characters are underdeveloped and (for the most part) unlikable, especially with many of the idiotic decisions they make. For instance, who in their right mind would willingly accept food from a guy clearly living in the sewers? Seriously?? What do you expect to be eating!?? That's just one of many logical holes encountered throughout the movie.

The film basically goes through all the typical scenarios we've seen time and again, leading to a fairly predictable climax. One thing that does stand out is the surprisingly decent amount of gore. There are some pretty violent deaths in the pic, which was something I wasn't expecting at all, and was a welcomed aspect. It's just a shame that the gore and deaths are really the only thing worth noting in this otherwise standard horror yarn.

Urban Explorer is a pretty standard genre flick that doesn't really break any new ground, especially for films within the particular theme of outsiders mixing it up with locals. Though, it does make up for its lack of originality by giving us a decent amount of gore and surprisingly violent deaths. Aside from that, there's really nothing else here that we haven't already seen many times before.

Posted on April 6, 2012 - 9:48pm | FrighT MasteR