Vamp (1986)

October 27, 2009 - 1:44am | FrighT MasteR
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Richard Wenk
Chris Makepeace, Sandy Baron, Robert Rusler, Dedee Pfeiffer, Gedde Watanabe, Grace Jones, Billy Drago, Brad Logan

A number of good vampire flicks came out in the 80s and one of the more underrated and least-talked-about ones has to be Vamp, a movie that offers some of the fun of Fright Night mixed with a little From Dusk 'Till Dawn. The movie's plot is simple -- a couple would-be fraternity members are sent out to find a stripper to bring back to the pledge house in a last-ditch effort to join the fraternity. The two pledges have a little transportation problem, so they seek the aid of a rich Asian guy (also the comedy relief), whom we may remember as Long Duk Dong from Sixteen Candles.

He agrees to lend out one of his many cars in exchange of being friends with the two guys for a week and coming along with them for the ride to the city. The three make their way to a nearby strip club as they drive through city late at night. After downing some beers, the men catch an odd show featuring a performance by Grace Jones. Shortly after leaving the stage, one of the guys decides to talk to her in hopes of bringing her back to the fraternity house. Instead, he gets a nice hole in his neck after it's revealed that good ol' Grace is a vampire; an ancient one at that.

The rest of the night involves the other pledge as he and an old female high school acquaintance (whom apparently just started working at the club) as they make there way around the city in an attempt to escape the hordes of vampires that are hunting them down. The movie is just an all-around good time. It doesn't take itself seriously and is packed with a group of interesting characters, from our leads, to the head of a local gang named "Snow", played by Billy Drago. Also, I can't forget about the good effects-job when it came down to the look of the vamps. This movie definitely ranks up in my list of favorite vamp flicks from the 80s.

A fun movie that doesn't take itself seriously and offers a good assortment of interesting characters. If you're into 80s vamp flicks like Fright Night then I suggest giving this one a shot.

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