The Veil (2016)

February 4, 2016 - 2:09pm | DMHead777
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Phil Joanou
Thomas Jane, Jessica Alba, Lily Rabe, Meegan Warner

"The Veil" takes place 25 years after a religious cult commits mass suicide. There is one survivor of the tragedy and she returns to face her fears with a documentary crew

I admit, I am a sucker for found footage flicks. I think if done right, they can be some of the creepiest horror films out there. There is just something gritty and raw about them that I love. Reading about "The Veil" had me interested. I know there has been a lot of crap to come out of the found footage sub-genre as of late, but I was looking for something new as a lot of them have become quite tedious. Hollywood found footage films are the worst as they all look exactly the same, especially when it comes to possession films. "The Veil" sounded interesting and it had Thomas Jane! So, how could this movie be terrible, right? Unfortunately, Thomas Jane and Lily Rabe are the only great parts about this movie.

The interesting thing about "The Veil" is that it's not all found footage. The film takes place in a current time frame, but the documentary crew stumbles upon some 25 year old film reels that show the cult in its last days. It is a pretty good idea that sort of reminds me of "Cannibal Holocaust" in a way. Overall, the film feels much longer and a lot less interesting with the film reel aspect. I honestly would have loved to see a film about Thomas Jane leading a cult to commit mass suicide. Instead, the viewer gets this unnecessary exposition about characters I don't really give a crap about.

The problem with "The Veil" is that it's unforgiving with how boring it is. It starts to become a formula after a while and all I really wanted to see is Thomas Jane be nuts. The present time is mostly "Jessica Alba and friends" talking, them walking into a room, and then more talking. There are a lot of unnecessary jump scares that just made me feel stupid for watching this. I always jump, not because I'm frightened, but because it's so loud it just startles me. There are so many other films that are exactly like this that do this formula way better. "The Visit", "Cannibal Holocaust", and even "Trollhunter" are examples of this sub-genre having some gems.

Overall, I would not recommend this whatsoever. It's tedious, the plot stinks and the dialogue is eye-rolling. It does have Thomas Jane leading a cult to mass suicide though, so that's a plus.

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