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Venom (2005)

  Tags: Agnes Bruckner, Bijou Phillips, D.J. Cotrona, Jim Gillespie, Jonathan Jackson, killer, Laura Ramsey, Louisiana, Meagan Good, Rick Cramer, slasher, underrated, Venom

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Jim Gillespie
85 minutes
Agnes Bruckner, Jonathan Jackson, Laura Ramsey, D.J. Cotrona, Rick Cramer, Meagan Good, Bijou Phillips

Jim Gillespie returns to the horror genre after I Know What You Did Last Summer with Venom, and not since Jeepers Creepers had I been this enthused about a horror icon, but then again we haven't had a supernatural killer since Jeepers anyway. What? You've never heard of this? No surprise, considering Dimension Films only released it to 489 theaters. They didn't even start promoting it or even bothered updating the official site until the last week of its release; typical for Dimension since they barely promote any of their films now-a-days.

It's too bad, because this flick was made for horror fans plain and simple. It uses the same-old theme of teens fending for their lives, but gives it a hardcore twist, like for instance when they think they're safe in the house, the killer shoots out a hook through the window and pulls one of the guys outside. We're not dealing with some lame killer slowly stalking the victims in an old house one by one here. This brings me to my next point about his tow truck which was essentially also used as a secondary weapon. It's good to see that a he's not just using one weapon, although the crowbar was used a number of times.

Previously titled "Backwater", the story takes place in a small town in Louisiana, where a tow-truck driver falls off a bridge with a car that had a box full of snakes. Apparently the snakes are part of a ritual that involves evil people who get their evil souls sucked out by snakes. This leads to the driver getting bit by the numerous snakes and essentially receive all the souls. Of course he doesn't survive the bites, but after he's declared dead, his corpse returns to kill anyone who stands in his way. Now it's up to the young teens to try and stop this inhuman being before it sheds anymore blood.

Being a horror fan I really enjoyed this movie. It had cool deaths, good gore, and a badass character. There's no need for a thick storyline, when it's going back to old school hack-and-slash. I doubt we'll see a sequel considering Dimension doesn't care about it, but if there was one I'd see it.

A horror film for horror fans. Same-old story, but with a interesting new lead villain and cool deaths; mixed with decent gore. Check this enjoyable no-brainer slash-flick.

Posted on June 15, 2010 - 12:44pm | FrighT MasteR