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Visible Secret (2001)

  Tags: Ann Hui, Asian Horror, Eason Chan, ghosts, hong kong, James Wong, Qi Shu, visible secret

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Ann Hui
105 minutes
Qi Shu, Eason Chan, James Wong

The plot for this movie may sound a bit silly, but it's far from it. The film has great visuals and haunting music. I loved the atmosphere and the directing. It also has a really cool opening scene. The film starts off with a bunch of people waiting to cross a busy street. One guy gets pushed and accidentally falls into the street where there's oncoming traffic. Next thing you know it, he gets himself decapitated and begins walking around the street without a head. I thought the effects for that scene were sweet and it was funny to watch the guy stumbling without his head.

This movie had a mixture of smart comedy, which I liked because it brought more life to the film at times when it would seem to get a little slow. This movie has many similarities to the Sixth Sense, because the main female actress in the film can be compared to the little boy in Sixth Sense since they are both able to see ghosts and are sort of forced to help them. There really aren't any scary scenes, but some nice tension-filled ones. I really don't think this movie was necessarily meant to be scary, but more-so entertaining with an interesting love story thrown in the mix.

What I didn't really like about the movie was the somewhat confusing ending. It was a nice ending with an interesting twist, but it totally defeats some of the events that happened throughout the film, so then the viewer is left wondering what the fuck the ending is really supposed to be. Never-the-less it was a good ending, but a somewhat predictable one. I would have given the movie a higher-rating, but I didn't quite understand how it ended, so I had to just settle for a 7, which is still a good rating. Even though Hollywood is already making 2 remakes of Japanese horror films, I doubt they'll do one on this. An interesting fact is that apparently the poster for the movie (which you can see above) was banned in Hong Kong as being "too scary." I don't see what's so damn scary about it, but the tagline "What's that sitting next to you?" is very sweet.

Good movie with haunting music and great visuals. It had a weird plot, but a good story behind it. There’s a lot of nice humor to lighten up the mood, but the bad thing about the movie is the confusing, and somewhat predictable ending. Check this Hong Kong horror film if you ever find it.

Posted on September 30, 2009 - 5:37pm | FrighT MasteR