Voice (2005)


Voice is the fourth entry in the very successful "Whispering Corridors" series and it is definitely a big improvement from the last movie, "Wishing Stairs". I don't really know why the four movies are a series since there seems to be nothing attaching them to one another. There's a different cast and a different story for each movie. The only thing that they all have in common is that they all take place in an all girls school. There is also the fact that they all begin as dramas and don't become horror flicks until the last couple of minutes but this is a very common phenomenon in the horror genre these days.

While Voice is built up in the exact same way that Wishing Stairs was, this one has a much more interesting story to tell and therefore, I didn't really mind that it was more of a drama than a horror flick. The story is very gripping and really focuses on the bond between two girl friends. The fact that there's a very strong cast in this flick was probably crucial for this movie to work, and I think they pulled it off pretty nicely.

So far so good right? Well, as usual, I do have a couple of negative remarks as well on this one. First of all, this movie shouldn’t have had any horror in it as it could have been a very touching drama without it. Instead, it feels like they've poured some blood into a perfectly entertaining drama flick to make it more attractive for the teen audience. Well, for once, it actually didn't work. Second of all, even though the soundtrack is nice, well nice is an understatement, it is f*cking brilliant, it was heavily over utilized and sometimes it felt as if I was watching some weird kind of musical without any real musical numbers in it.

Voice succeeded brilliantly in being a good and powerful drama but in failed as a horror movie. And a mix between a good movie and a bad movie is usually a pretty mediocre result. It's definitely a step up from the last Whispering Corridors sequel though and if there will be a fifth movie in the series, I will most definitely be checking that out.

Review courtesy of our friends at Slasherpool.
Voice is a big step up from the last sequel in the Whispering Corridors series and succeeds brilliantly as a powerful and gripping drama. However, as it fails as a horror flick, the end result is pretty mediocre and ludicrous. Do check it out if you're a fan of the series.