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Voices (2007)

  Tags: After Dark Films, Asian Horror, blood, Gi-woong Park, gore, Jin-seo Yun, Ki-hwan Oh, Ki-woo Lee, korean, someone behind you, south korea, voices

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Ki-hwan Oh
84 minutes
Jin-seo Yun, Gi-woong Park, Ki-woo Lee

This marks director Ki-hwan Oh's first stab at the genre, after delivering the tear-jerking romance-drama Last Present in 2001 and the mediocre comedy-romance Art of Seduction in '05. South Korea isn't the most original country for horror, as they like to borrow from other successful countries (namely Japan) for their genre efforts, but occasionally they'll dish out a quality film, whether it's original or just effective in the scares department. Either way, they're still doing a better job than Hollywood, which is currently bombarding us with one pointless remake after another (some of which are from South Korea), but I digress.

Someone Behind You is an interesting little film that doesn't rely on cheap scares and lots of pale, long-haired ghosties, but instead plays out more as a supernatural slasher. We follow a high school student who finds herself surrounded by death, as she witnesses a family member get pushed off a ledge on her wedding day, then her aunt violently stabs the bride to death. As if things couldn't get any worse, the young girl is nearly killed by a fellow classmate, and even the teacher. Not even her home is safe, as her own mother attempts to murder her with a kitchen knife. It's eventually revealed that her family is cursed, and she is next in line. Whether it be hatred or simple revenge, the slightest negative feeling towards her causes someone to resort to murder, and the only apparent way to stop it, is her death.

The film opened with a blood-soaked woman with a knife stuck through her neck lunging towards her son, and from that moment on, I was hooked. The premise is interesting and original, while the film doesn't shy away from the blood and guts, giving us gore fans plenty of eye candy. Buckets of blood are spilt here and I loved every minute of it. Of course, the movie isn't without its faults. Sadly, although the story is intriguing, the writer doesn't really give us much to go on. We're delivered a pretty half-assed explanation as to why or how this is happening to the girl, and there are a few plot-holes that were never addressed, like why the father was so calm about everything since he knew what was happening, but decided to keep it to himself until it was almost too late.

If less time was spent on the look of the film and more was put towards the script, then maybe this could have been a great movie. Regardless, I enjoyed it and will likely add it to my collection. I wouldn't be surprised if Hollywood gets around to remaking this, which I'm sure will be headed with a cast of pretty faces, cheesy effects, and boring "scares."

Loaded with a creative premise, lots of blood, and violent deaths, this proved to be a fun watch from the start. Although it doesn't offer much in terms of story, the delivery and overall interesting concept made up for some of it. Check this one out.

Posted on September 30, 2009 - 6:52pm | FrighT MasteR