Warning Sign (1985)


I first heard about this flick after someone on the message board mentioned it. Being a fan of 80's horror flicks, I jumped at the chance to get my hands on a VHS ex-rental. I watched it late one night and really got into it. It's pretty slow in the beginning but once the infected people start showing their symptoms it really starts to kick.

The story follows a woman who works in the security office monitoring all that goes in the laboratory. One day a chemical gets loose in the air and forces everyone to be locked inside, and the woman is seemingly the only person unaffected after getting exposure to the virus. At first the symptoms for the infected seem small until it's revealed that all those exposed will die within a certain amount of time, but they failed to mention that the infected would return... pissed. Yes, the chemical that leaked turned out to be some kind of new rage-virus that would be used in chemical warfare. The theory is that once it's exposed to the enemy that they'd kill themselves off. This is where I think 28 Days Later got its plot, since it also involves some sort of rage-virus exposing itself to the mass populous.

Anyway, after the people die they reanimate and become these pissed off and blood-thirsty versions of themselves; swinging axes and anything else they can get their hands on. Now whether they are zombies are up for question, as they look like something out of the Omega Man and move around as if they just drank a case of Red Bull. Though, technically since they are said to be the reanimated dead that they'd fall under the "zombies" category. The movie isn't really big in gore, but it never one made me lose interest. With its crafty dialogue and sweet "zombies", I knew I was gonna finish this flick with a satisfied look on my face, and I did. The only problem I have with the flick is that there are times when it's too heavy in dialogue and I felt the start of the people reanimating was delayed slightly longer than I would have liked. Either way, this is a solid 80's flick.

An underrated 80's horror flick. Too much dialogue in parts, but worth a rent.
An underrated 80's horror flick. Too much dialogue in parts, but worth a rent.