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Weels of Terror (1990)

  Tags: 90's, Carlos Cervantes, Christopher Cain, evil car, Joanna Cassidy, made for tv, Marcie Leeds, suspense, Wheels of Terror

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Christopher Cain
86 minutes
Joanna Cassidy, Marcie Leeds, Carlos Cervantes

I remember seeing this film with my mom a long time ago while it aired on television. I thought it was okay back then and viewing it now I noticed many of its faults. At first I didn't remember exactly if the car was evil or if someone was really driving the car -- pretty obvious which it was at this point.

The plot is about a mysterious black car thats been seen cruising around local schools with the intent on abducting little girls. A mom, who is also the school bus driver and whose daughter goes to the school, happens to catch on with what the black car is up to and after her daughter is taken away she goes on a high-speed chase with the car to get back her daughter.

The car looked very cool and evil and although it would have been cheesy if the car was evil and there was no driver, I think it probably would have made a more interesting movie. We never got to see who was actually in the car, but I guess that wasn't really the point anyway. It was the black car that was the real character in the film, I guess you could say.

I thought the acting was pretty good, but the directing really wasn't very good and I found that the script had many plot-holes. One being that the car drove over a lot of gasoline at one point, making everything catch on fire and the car not catching fire itself. There’s nothing really too scary about this film and whether it could actually be classified as horror is up for debate. I would have given the movie a lower-rating, but I thought it was interesting despite the plot-holes and bad directing. It's worth a watch on television, but not worth seeing otherwise.

Decent movie, but many plot-holes. Check this on TV if you've got nothing else to watch, but otherwise skip it.

Posted on June 15, 2010 - 12:49pm | FrighT MasteR