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Whispering Corridors (1998)

  Tags: Asian Horror, ghosts, korean, revenge, school, south korea, spirits, students, whispering corridors

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Ki-Hyung Park
105 minutes
Se-yeon Choi, Gyu-ri Kim, Min-jeong Kim, Yu-seok Kim, Mi-yeon Lee

I've wanted to check this flick for some time, but it was always so hard to get a hold of it for some reason. I read somewhere the around the time of the movie's release that the censors wanted it banned, but it was released anyway and became somewhat of a success in South Korea. I saw the other films that were similar-themed to this one and also considered to be sequels: Momento Mori and Wishing Stairs. I heard that the first was the "scariest" so I gave it a shot, and found it to be rather disappointing. The movie has an interesting story, but it's too slow and the scares were lacking.

Basically the story is about a young woman who returns to her old school as a new teacher, but once she arrives a series of suicide-related deaths occur. She eventually comes to the conclusion that her school friend from many years ago, who killed herself within the school grounds, has returned and is up to no good. Much like its sequel the first half is pretty much like a drama involving the teens in the present and when the teacher has flashbacks that explain a little back-story on the "ghost" and their friendship.

I liked this movie, but not enough to enjoy it as much as I wanted. It's very slow-paced and the scares are really nothing compared to today's standards and what some of us are used to seeing. I can see the similarities to its "sequels," because they all involve two female students who are incredibly close friends to the point that there may be a little something more between them. Then one of them dies and their spirit somehow returns to haunt the school. They all have fairly different outcomes despite their similar themes, and although the one in this film was fairly interesting, I thought the one in Memento Mori was the best.

I think had I seen this movie first and a few years ago, I would’ve liked it more, but now since I'm seeing it after I've seen so many scarier Korean and Japanese flicks that this came to be rather tame to me. In the end I found it to be an interesting watch with a good story, but couldn't get into it as much as I wanted.

A good story, but too slow and has a lack of good scares. Worth a check if you've seen the other Whispering Corridor films, or if you can get a hold of it cheap; otherwise don't bother.

Posted on November 20, 2009 - 3:14am | FrighT MasteR